“Strict Action will be Taken for Defacing Walls”, Delhi University Warns

Delhi University warns
Source: The New Indian Express

The varsity has decided to take strict actions against those who will deface the campus walls. The Delhi University warns every student not to put any irrelevant, defaming posters. Therefore, it has become forbidden to paste defacing posters, or paint on walls and like inside the campus.  

The notification was released on 30 June, Thursday on the issue of defacing walls. Proctor Rajni Abbi stressed that ‘certain elements’ are defacing the campus walls. Moreover, she warned that strict actions will be taken against those who put up such posters or by whom such elements are painted or pasted.

Plus, Proctor Abbi remarked that the defacement of walls violates the ‘Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 2007 and ‘Section 397 of the MCD Act.

Further, according to the officials, the University administration provides sufficient space to put up posters. Especially during the election campaign period such as the ‘party manifesto’, ‘vote for’ and more. After all, the DU walls are the ‘walls of democracy’. Though, defacing material or posters is not acceptable.

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Administration decides after noticing DUSU elections 

DUSU election conditions forced the administration to take such a decision. During the Delhi University Student Union Elections, several parties put up posters on the whole wall.

Furthermore, defacement of walls are occurring when developments and constructions are taking place inside the campus. This is being done to beautify the university as a celebration of the centenary year. To clarify, the University of Delhi is celebrating its 100th year of University by improving infrastructure, roads, whitewashing the walls and more.  

Besides, as per the notice, “We want our university to look beautiful and young. However, some elements regarding and defacing the walls of the campus.” Therefore, in the notification Delhi University warns that it can be costly for putting up posters. 

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