SFI Demands Student Financial Support During Covid-19


The SFI (The Student Federation Of India) released a  statement on 17th April 2020. It was about the need for financial support for students and a set of demands regarding the problem faced by the students due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The government announced the lockdown without any prior information. This decision has proved extremely hard for the citizens who were away from there homes for study, jobs and for many other reasons. Moreover, the sufferings of daily wage labor and unorganized sector workers can’t be ignored. This pandemic has been proved more dangerous to those who earn to eat.

Economy and likelihood are suffering a lot during the lockdown. As a result, many industries will suffer loss and the unemployment rate will decrease to one-fourth part of the population. In this difficult time, the parents can’t afford to manage their children’s study. The parents can’t support their children in school, colleges, and universities. The government should support the students in this pandemic for the better future of them as well of the nation.

In this statement, SFI mentioned the problems face by the students during the lockdown and request the government to provide some financial support to the students in this pandemic.

Many students are away from their families now because the government told to the nation not to travel and remain where they are plus the government didn’t give time to take any action before the announcement of the lockdown.

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SFI’S Delhi state committee says that if the government had demanded the students to remain as they are, thereby we demand the government to provide financial assistance to these students.

Some students are from disparate economic backgrounds and any expectation from there families to help them financially is totally worthless. Therefore, the government should think about them and should take some necessary steps to help them in this pestilence.

SFI released a set of demands for the government, which are as follow

  • Provision of a minimum amount of sum to the student’s bank account.
  • Fellowship/Scholarship and grants should be distributed among the students for Bachelor to PhD
  • Waiving College fees for at least two months for students.
  • Hostel fees should not be charged to the students during this lockdown.
  • The rent for students staying on rent should be played by the government.
  • Necessary steps to be taken to ensure that students’ basic need is met.

~Neha Dhingra


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