CMA June 2021 exam

COVID-19 has speed its route throughout the world for the last two months. While many people have lost their lives, many people are fighting with it. It has hit the world economy and has worsened the education system. Schools, colleges and other educational institutes remained closed for more than a month across the globe.

But now, the schools in some parts of the globe have been opened and schools are using protective kits like masks, protective headgears, and transparent walls as safety precautions.

  • Students can be seen wearing face masks while attending class in the classroom in Shanghai, China. As per media reports, many students have returned back to the classroom after the COVID19 pandemic hit the country.
  • Students are also exercising to keep themselves fit and fine in this era of a pandemic. The above picture is from school in Shanghai, China. (Photo Credit- REUTERS)
  • Photo credit- Reuters
  • The classrooms can be seen with transparent boards that are put on the desk to maintain social distancing among students in the classes.


  • A similar thing can be seen in Royal Institute for the Deaf-Mute, Brussels, Belgium, etc. wearing a somehow transparent mask and using a sign language to contact other students.


  • All the kindergarten and senior high schools in Guiyang, SW China has been reopened. Students are seen exercising while maintaining social distancing. (Photo Credit- XINHUAPIC)


  • Students whether of the junior high schools or the ones of senior high schools are seen wearing masks and maintaining social distancing while attending classes in school.


  • School canteens are also divided into portions on the tables to maintain the social distancing norm. Students in these canteens will have enough space while eating as well.


  • Children are walking in the queue for food at a school under the feeding scheme during the lockdown. The teachers are also using masks while teaching inside the classrooms.


  • In a school in Cape Town, the learners are observing the social distancing markers as they queue at a school feeding scheme in Gugulethu Township due to the nationwide lockdown.



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