After Lockdown


After lockdown, Our lives changed drastically in the past month. We have been practicing social distancing for quite a bit and there is no time frame for back to normal.

All we know is this situation is temporary and will end sooner than later.

World war four has already begun and the entire world is fighting against coronavirus. Every citizen here is a warrior and is expected to fight this war by playing smart and staying safe.

It’s been days and lockdown has been proved effective to a great extent. Sooner or later the lockdown will be lifted, the situation might seem stable but the risk associated with it may charge you your life. We cannot stay back at our places forever as forever doesn’t exist but one can definitely take precautions to ease down the chances of catching an infection.

After lockdown, many of us have to get back to their workplaces while many of us are ready with our after lockdown plans of celebrating it. Life after lockdown will not be normal for a few months however one can take precautions to stop it from becoming abnormal.

Until the government releases its detailed guidelines to be followed after lockdown, here are a few precautions one could take while stepping out of their homes after lockdown gets lifted.

after lockdown
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Work after coronavirus: how will it change when the lockdown is over?

Say no to mass gatherings even after lockdown ends

Lifting of lockdown does not imply the war is over. Life after lockdown is not going to be easy as the risk will be multiplied. Avoid going out unnecessarily, forgo parties, weddings, and temples. Do not make a group and abstain from being in a group of more than four people. Use video conferences to conduct meetings, seminars, and assemblies as much as possible.

Get ready with Weapons and Armour

Carry protection kit everywhere and wear your mask like an armor. Hand sanitizer, hand wash, tissue paper, gloves, and toilet seat sanitizers are your weapons and will assist you to ward off the infection.

Do not touch your face too often and wash your hands frequently. Wear gloves while touching the public property and immediately wash your hands when you get back home or to your offices, schools, or colleges.

Digitalize your work even after lockdown ends

Schools, colleges, corporate firms, and many other sectors have digitalized their work to drop down their loss as well as the risk associated with coronavirus. Work from home has helped in adopting a change and is leading towards a paperless yet efficient workplace.

Even after lockdown, this environment-friendly and healthy practice should be continued for a better living. Getting things online reduces the circulation of physical documents. Choose online communication over direct communication and use smart cards and other electronic wallets to make payments.

Six feet apart

Yes, maintaining distance from people can help you save yourself from getting infected as people can be toxic sometimes. Make sure you maintain at least six feet gap from others. Social distancing should be practiced even after lockdown gets lifted. Ensure that you and the people near you maintain at least a six feet difference everywhere.

No touching- No touching 

Don’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to you. Even public property can cost you your life. Avoid touching railing, support handles and other public property to lower down the risk of getting infected.

Wash your hands as soon as you reach your workplace. Say no to hugs and handshakes instead greet people with an elbow up or follow Indian greeting style by doing a “namaste”.

Time to turn into Germaphobes

It’s time to keep aside your laziness and work on your hygiene. Develop a habit of washing your hands, elbows, and feet frequently and prevent yourself from touching your face. Clean your bag, desk, electronic devices, computer systems, and other stuff with a tissue and a liquid containing alcohol. Refrain from rubbing your eyes. Be Little selfish and do not share your food or any other thing with others.

Even though we are all on lockdown at the moment and life kind of feels like it’s on hold, it has given us all time to reflect and take a moment to realize what is important in life.
Just keep focusing on how life is going to be when all this is over, and we can get back to sharing special moments with friends and family and live life to absolute it’s fullest.

Life after lockdown will be different as well as challenging, yet few precautions can help you and your family safe from COVID-19.

The entire after lockdown situation lies in your hand and only you can make a difference by taking such precautions and spreading awareness among your family, friends, and all the other people.

Let’s not take our health and safety for granted again and step into this “new normal”.
All will be well!


but do all this, while maintaining the above suggestions!


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