source: indianexpress

Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh held a press conference today in reference to the India-china border clashes and about the central government’s response.

He also that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is holding an important today but he would like to raise certain questions and concerns regarding the same.

It’s been a long time now since the India-China border dispute has become an issue now.

He said that there were several revelations that China has illegally occupied our land and then many other news headlines which has raged the entire nation and an uncertainty in the environment.

He said that people have questions and serious concerns to raise and the entire nation is in rage but the central government’s attitude and response have been very callous and disappointing.

He blamed the government for spreading misinformation and not revealing the exact truth. He shared that initially it was revealed that 3 soldiers have martyred and then this number rose to 20. earlier it was told by the government that none of our soldiers has been subjugated by the Chinese army and then it came to light, that too through media, that 10 of our soldiers have been freed from the Chinese army.

He questioned the Government that why are they not revealing the exact and accurate information with its citizens. He called it a breach of trust on the government’s part. Spreading misinformation, not revealing exact data and figures, hiding information issues like border dispute is not expected, he added.

He demanded that the truth should be revealed. He also said that our soldier’s sacrifice should not go in vain and the nation wants revenge. He urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to avenge their death and answer back the Chinese army.

He openly and unapologetically targeted the central government for not inviting Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to attend this meeting and condemned such politically motivated thinking. He said that unity should be motivated and promoted among state and central governments at this point in time rather than resorting to petty political propagandas.




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