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The people who run Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) are checking out a JNU student harassment complain that happened to at JNU.

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What Happened

A student said that late at night, she and a friend were walking near the Ring Road when four guys in a car started bothering her. They made her feel uncomfortable and scared. This happened even though there were security guards from JNU nearby. The student felt like no one was there to help her.

What Some People Say

The student told the university about it, and the student group also told the university. They said the guys who did it are from a group called ABVP. The ABVP is a student organization that some people say is connected to a political group called RSS. The student group wants the university to take action against the guys who harassed the student.

What the University is Doing

A person in charge at JNU said they are looking into the JNU student harassment complain. They’ve talked to the student and the guards. They’ve also told two of the guys to stay away from the university for now. The university wants to make sure everyone is safe and treated fairly. They take complaints like this seriously.

Making Sure It’s Fair

The person in charge said they will check everything fairly, no matter what group the guys are from. They want to know if any of the guys go to JNU. The university is trying to find out the truth and make sure everyone gets treated the same way. They don’t want anyone to feel like they are not being heard or helped.


What Could Happen

If they find out it was bad, they will take it seriously. They might even get a special group to look into it more. But the ABVP hasn’t said anything about it yet. The university will decide what to do after they finish checking everything. They want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Why This Matters

It’s important for students to feel safe at their university. When things like this happen, it can make students scared and unhappy. JNU wants to make sure everyone feels safe and treated fairly. They want students to know that they can come forward if something bad happens to them.

The End

JNU is trying to make sure students are safe and happy. They’re looking into what happened and will do something if they find out it was wrong. Everyone should help to make sure bad things like this don’t happen again.



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