Pride month at DU
Source: Hindustan Times

Delhi University campus is full of students dressed up in rainbow colours and flaunting makeup. As this is Pride Month at DU, students are supporting their peers and themselves by talking about the LGBTQIA+ community proudly.

Further, the students unfold the rainbow umbrella and wear colourful clothes to convey a message to the masses. Several students shared their thoughts, Callistine Lewis of St. Stephen’s College said, “I’m able to wear what I want in college is such a liberating and amazing experience. I’m Kerala born and I’m happy that Delhi University is the one that has given me peers who don’t mock me for my dress. Through my dress-up, I want to motivate others to wear what they want and express themselves.”

Another student Nihul Tiwari from Hansraj College stated, “My outfit represents who I’m and it expresses me. However, during Pride month at DU dressed up in a flamboyant style which is important. Because of this, I had to face bullies on the first day of this month. But it doesn’t matter for me and it can’t stop me from being me.”

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Pride Month at DU: Makeup As a Powerful Weapon 

Moreover, the campus also observes the students who are playing with their makeup and showing their pride. One of the students of Kirori Mal College, Chisha Kapoor said, “My most powerful weapon is my makeup. That’s why I put on the pink, blue, and purple colours of the bisexual flag. No doubt, it’s a sign of pride for me and my sexuality.” 

The student of Ramjas College, Aranya also shared her experience of being queer. “Most of the time, my choice of clothes is controlled by males but on 1 June decided to wear what I want. These rainbow-coloured socks are the most subtle way for expressing my identity. I’m lucky that my family is supportive but sometimes I have to struggle to make myself accepted.”

Further, every student has their own way to express themselves during Pride Month. And, Varnika Gupta from Hindu College bought the phone cover in the Pride flag theme to let people know she is an ally. She said, “This is my way to tell everyone who I’m and to say back off to all the homophobic.”

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