New Delhi: The price of the Petrol in the capital of the country was increased by Rs 1.67 a liter last Tuesday and diesel by an increment of Rs 7.10 per liter after the Delhi government increased the Value-added tax (VAT) on petrol and diesel.

Petrol filling now costs Rs 71.26 a liter which was Rs 69.59 previously, oil industry sources said.

This is followed by the Delhi government’s decision to increase the rate of VAT  on petrol to 30 percent from 27 percent. In the case of diesel, VAT has been folded to twice at the rate of 30 percent from 16.75 percent.

Petrol and diesel prices in Delhi increased it on  Tuesday after the government led by Aam Aadmi Party increased VAT on fuel. Petrol price is increased by Rs 1.67 per liter while diesel price is hiked by Rs 7.10 per liter. In Delhi, the petrol price is Rs 71.26 per liter and diesel price is Rs 69.39 per liter in Delhi, according to resources. VAT plus the commission of dealers for both petrol and diesel are nearly Rs 16 per liter. Diesel is now much cheaper in Delhi’s neighboring states.


The Government of Delhi has increased this tax to make earn a larger share of profit from the fuel price. This government has also increased the tax on liquor(beer)  by 70 percent on MRP. The state government which was earlier known for its services like to give free amenities to its residents is now getting to grab the source to collect more and more revenue by increasing taxes. The government also aims to take benefit of the cheap raw material and use the increased revenue to set of the previous losses.


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