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A close friend of the victim who resides in another building witnessed the suicide. He told me that he went to check on the boy but didn’t report about it.

The police said that the boy jumped off from the 11th floor of his residential apartment after his name was written by a girl in the ‘MeToo’ post on Instagram.

On Monday, a 14year old Gurugram boy committed suicide after he was said accused of molestation by a girl on social media said police, amid the rage generated by the discovery of an Instagram group was minors and young boys purportedly discussed offensive conversations against girls.

Police reported that the teenager jumped off the 11th floor of his home building in Gurugram hours after a girl took his name in Instagram’s Metoo post that came after a day when the Boys Locker Room controversy went viral among the public.

“No suicide note was found but the messages fetched by his phone indicates that the boy’s friends warned him that police would surely question him regarding the group, ” said an officer.

The teen has seen the screenshots of the post made by the girl and also some students messaged him for the same. In the post, the girl accused him, saying that she was attacked two years back and “tired of keeping the secret” of the incident that happened in the basement of her building’s complex.

The suicide was eye-witnessed by his close friend in another building who said that he went to meet him, but didn’t report the matter to the police.

Station head officer of sector 53 police station Deepak Kumar informed that after listening to a thud sound, the guards hurried to the location.

“They found the boy in a pool of blood and informed the family around 11.30 pm. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors declared him dead.” Cops said that they will investigate the case and will question the students of the group and the girl who posted it and also to the people who commented on it.

The police initiated a suicide inquiry under section 174 of Criminal Procedure. However, the parents of the deceased refused to file any complaint.

The forensic team officer Deepak Mathur, who conducted the postmortem told that there were numerous injuries including head injuries, the reason for his death.

~Varsha Verma


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