Such a simple but very addictive game Pin Up Aviator has been able to quickly gain popularity among gambling enthusiasts from all over the world. Simple mechanics, interactivity, risk management, that’s what sets it apart from the usual slots. Here, each player decides for himself when to stop flying. The game is completely transparent and all of its results are visible in real time to the other players. A random number generator will determine the outcome.

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How to Play in Aviator

The mechanics of the game at Pin-Up casino Aviator is clear to everyone and does not require long study. The player chooses a betting amount, and the round begins. The plane on the screen takes off, gradually gaining height. As it takes off, the multiplier applied to the player’s bet increases. From 0.01x to 100x.


At any time it is possible to press “Cash Out” and pick up the bet amount multiplied by the current odds. If the plane flies away (this also happens randomly at any time), the bet is lost.


Let’s look at an example of a regular Aviator Pin Up session to make the process clearer. Let’s take a small bet of 100 Indian rupees as an example. Here’s how the draw is divided into stages:


  • The player bets 100 rupees and starts the flight;
  • Watching the plane fly and the odds increase, the player decides to stop at a value of 3.30x;
  • By hitting the Cash Out button, the draw stops and the player collects Rs 330 from this attempt;
  • One can start a new flight by betting Rs 100 already from the net winnings.


In this way one can increase one’s bet not only two or three times, but dozens of times. But you should remember that at any moment the aeroplane may simply fly away. Then the bet is lost. The player in this case will lose 100 rupees, but can immediately try again to try his luck again. And if he gets lucky and waits for a multiplier of 40x, for example, his hundred will turn into 4,000 Indian rupees when he presses “Cash Out”. The maximum amount the player can collect from one such draw is Rs 100,000 if the aeroplane lasts until the multiplier is 100x.

Features of Pin Up Aviator

Pin Up Aviator game has a number of advantages over regular slots, slots, and classic casino games. Here’s a list of the differences:


Aviator Regular slots
The player chooses his/her own bet multiplier The amount is multiplied randomly, depending on the fallen combination
The player controls the gameplay and stops the game himself The only thing you need to do is press the button to start the slot machine – the rest takes place without the player’s involvement
It is possible to see the results of the same session for different users, which excludes outcome falsification Results are shown only to the player for his bet
You can manage the risk and size of profits Percentage of return is set in advance


Being able to influence the outcome of a session directly and being able to often make big winnings from small amounts of money is what attracts millions of players. Aviator Pin Up is one of the most popular gambling entertainments at the moment.

How to Get Started Playing Pin Up Aviator

To wager real money right now and start the plane, a few simple steps are required. Here are all the necessary steps:


  1. Open the official Pin Up platform website and click the “Register” button in the top right corner;
  2. Choose a type of registration that is convenient for you (for example, by mobile phone number or email address);
  3. Fill in your contact details, a unique login and a complex password;
  4. Choose the currency you wish to bet in;
  5. Click on the “Register” button to complete the account creation;
  6. Log into your account using your username and password;
  7. Press the “Balance” button on the profile page, write the desired amount of deposit, choose the appropriate payment method and execute the deposit operation;
  8. Waiting for the funds to be credited to your game account, find Pin-Up casino Aviator in the list of available events, click on it and launch your first plane.


You don’t have to open the Pin Up website every time in your computer or smartphone browser to play. For convenient and fast betting from mobile devices, you can download the Pin Up Aviator app. The same features are available, but you can play from anywhere at any time. All you have to do is launch the app using a shortcut on your desktop.


You don’t need to be logged in before each session. The app is fast, even if your internet connection speed is unstable.

Pin Up Casino Aviator Welcome Bonus

In order to properly use the bonus offer for new players and collect the accrued funds, there are a few important features to keep in mind. Here are the required conditions:


  • The amount is given out in one batch, you can use all the accrued funds at once;
  • The wagering wager is 50x the amount received (funds must be wagered at 50x the amount);
  • The maximum amount per wager for wagering the bonus is Rs 250;
  • The maximum amount of funds available for withdrawal after wagering the bonus is 10x of all prize money received (e.g., up to one lakh can be withdrawn upon receipt of Rs 10,000);
  • You have 3 days from receiving the bonus to meet all the conditions on the wager (if you don’t meet all the requirements, the prize amount will be forfeited).


With the right approach, the bonus will allow you to significantly increase your starting pot for further play at Pin-Up casino Aviator. Proceed carefully and you’ll be able to claim the big prize.


This is an interesting and thrilling game that will give new experiences to fans of gambling and betting. But keep in mind that the results are always random; the flight is controlled by an independent GSC. Treat the game as a pleasant recreation. Register now to claim the Pin Up casino Aviator welcome bonus of up to Indian rupees 25,000. Big winnings await!


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