Uday Samant, Minister of Higher and Technical Education, informed that they took the decision to promote the first and the second year students because of COVID-19 pandemic has made the conducting exams in July a problem in the country.

 Taking these problems a major concern, the minister requested UGC to promote all the final year students without the procedure of examinations.

Maharashtra Government has written to UGC regarding final year exams.

Maharashtra government has decided on a state-level committee to help the conduct of examinations and the academic calendar based on UGC guidelines. The committee submitted its report on May 6.

New Delhi: Maharashtra Minister of Higher and Technical Education, Uday Samant wrote a letter to the University Grants Commission (UGC) and stated that they had decided to promote all college students except those in their final year.

Mr. Uday Samant in the letter has now further requested UGC to take into consideration, the option of promoting all the students without conducting exams of last year students as well” for the undergraduate and also the postgraduate programs.

In the letter to University Grants Commission, Mr. Uday Samant wrote: “State government of Maharashtra has earlier took the decision to promote all students of diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses to the next year except the students of final year. The grading for the students will be done as per guidelines prescribed by UGC and State Level Committees”.

Maharashtra Government has earlier appointed a state-level committee to guide the state government regarding the conduction of the examinations and the formulation of the academic calendar based on the UGC guidelines. The committee had further submitted its report on May 6 to the State Government of Maharashtra.

Mr. Uday Samant told me that the decision was taken as the global coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 epidemic has made it most difficult to conduct exams in July. Giving the same reason, the minister has requested UGC to promote all final year students without exams.

Mr. Samant informed: “In consideration, the global pandemic situation in the state, conducting the examination of approximately 9 lakh to 10 lakh students by abiding all safety protocols. 

The government has decided to take into consideration the mental and physical well-being of its students and hereby, the government requests your good self to kindly consider the option of promoting students without conducting exams of the last year undergraduate and postgraduate and grade them as per UGC guidelines.”

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maharashtra government has requested the University Grants Commission (UGC) to promote students of the final year from all institutes across the state without conducting any exam.




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