Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and all other e-commerce platforms are on its way to proceed with the delivery of non- essential items in the green, orange, and red zone as well.

All major virtual shopping platforms will avail of the delivery in all three categorized zones. Earlier, these e-commerce websites offered delivery of non- essential items in red zones only.

The Ministry of Home Affairs put out all-new guidelines, clarifying which businesses can resume their actions in all three zones. As the nation stepped into Lockdown 4.0, various new regulations have been made disclosed to the public. In fresh norms, it is clearly stated that e-commerce websites can go on with their services.

Thereon, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, and all other virtual shopping hubs are now ready to avail of their services in all three declared zones. Still, there is no relief for containment areas and the benefits would not be furnished to them.

Prior to Lockdown 4.0, the e-commerce stages are directed to provide essential items only in declared red zones, by the authorities. But, according to the new set of rules, they can deliver nonessential goods like mobile phones, laptops, accessories and so on, in all three zones. Snapdeal and Paytm Mall have communicated their statements regarding this. Amazon and Flipkart are yet to give their individual statements on this relaxation.

“We are thankful to the government for bringing the decision for permitting the delivery of non-necessary items in red zones across the nation. This action will help us deliver to most of the metropolitan cities which currently fall in the red zones. We have obtained a huge amount of customers related to electronics wish list orders from metro cities where people have been halting to purchase laptops, mobile phones, as well as other everyday use items for the last various weeks presently.

The government’s decision will also enable in opening up allowances of consumer electronics from depots that are in the red zones. We have already had conversations with our trader and logistics partners and will begin taking orders and delivering from Monday itself. We will ensure that all state and central protocols are followed to operate in the red zones. From next week, we hope for more relaxations in the interstate activity of non-essential goods so that e-commerce activity grows up,” Srinivas Mothey, Senior Vice President, Paytm Mall said.

Until now, Flipkart and Amazon are rejecting the offers of non-essential articles in Delhi. This is due to the fact, MHA guidelines stated that the state government will take the ultimate decision about the businesses, they want to resume in their particular area. After getting a clear signal from Delhi authority, Amazon and Flipkart would probably restart their services in the city. In a statement issued publically, Snapdeal asserted that it is all set to avail the services in all three zones.

“We welcome the guidelines declared by the MHA, which pave the way for a vaster resumption of financial activities across most parts of India. E-Commerce has played a significant role in the last two months by providing an expanse of much-needed goods to prospects – within the protection of their homes. Our dealers and delivery members have worked considerably to meet these laws while practicing stringent safety criteria and we praise their commitment in surging to the occasion.

At Snapdeal, we are ready and prepared to now start serving buyers all across India – in red, green, and orange zones – by providing them to pick from the entire selection of millions of products. This is moreover, the moment that will facilitate lakhs of fair and small online sellers to start rebuilding their enterprises as they serve the necessities of users in cities and towns in India, ”, issued in Snapdeal’s statement.

Initially, the government has permitted Amazon, Flipkart, and various e-commerce sites to provide the delivery of unnecessary items in green and orange zones only. They were not allowed to make delivery in red zone areas.

  • Varsha Verma 



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