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Delhi University colleges planned virtual orientation programs for freshers as the new academic session kick-started this week in Delhi University. Seniors, after an official introduction, are now prepping up to welcome freshers in the cultural societies of Delhi University. Seniors are doing their bit by organizing these auditions online for the first time amid the pandemic since there is no update on the reopening of colleges on the ground.

The President of Prophecy, the Fashion Society of Lady Irwin College, Shaurya Dagar said that they have always been prepared for everything, but they also panicked when they got to know that the auditions will be virtual this year. They sat the whole team down and told them that the first years were coming, and they have to do make it an amazing year for them. Therefore, they have planned everything accordingly.

Shaivya Tanwar who is a member of the society, while explaining the process this year, said that in their college, they have Freshers Talent Contest (FTC) and Auditions. Students get a chance to showcase their hidden talent and in order to be a part of the Prophecy Team, they are supposed to give auditions.

Another member, Sanah Walia added that for FTC and Auditions, they have planned two rounds for the participants. Students will be asked to showcase their designing, creative, and styling skills in the first round. An event will be held live so selected participants from the first round will have to perform on screen in front of our judges and audience in the second round. The judgment criteria will be based on three points- the willingness to perform, confidence on screen, and creativity.

President of Zeal, the Western Dance Society of Maitreyi College, Mehak Khanna said that instead of a common audition this year, the society will have a first-round which will include a video sent by the participants through a Google Meet link that the society will circulate.

Smriti Jasoria who is a core member of the society said that it will be a minute or two minutes video of the choice of the participants. Based on different genres, they will be sending a list of five songs.


Sugandha Juyal, a core team member from Zeal said that finally, they will select students and tell them about the basic rules of the society and they also ask the students about their expectations from the society.

The Debating Society of Shivaji College, Dictum, is yet to finalize a date for the auditions. Pratiksha Singh, from the society, shares how they had conducted the auditions for the second and third years earlier. A similar process can be expected by freshers for their auditions. She said that they had made a WhatsApp group of people who were interested in taking part in Dictum and provided them with a Google Meet link right before they were about to begin. After being successful in the GD, the students were called for a virtual PI. The names of the selected students after the PI round were announced on social media.



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