In Delhi, you get a balanced essence of both modern and traditional. Delhi homes present a unique style that is eclectic and universal; but also with perfect accents to present the Indian history and roots. The home of a Delhiite will give a taste of the contemporary times along with embracing the culture of the city. The city also experiences extremes of temperatures in summers and winters. Home decor can definitely play a great role to make your home comfortable.


Here are some important home decor tips that every new Delhiite must note while renovating their space according to different seasons.


Bold, vibrant colours

Delhiites love to fill their homes with bright, vibrant colours. Bold red or royal blue, you will find it all. It’s not overwhelming but perfectly balanced with neutral colours like white and beige. Even if it’s a simple room, you are bound to find something eye-catching in the form of artwork or stencil work.


Get your favourite bold colours on walls with smart colour combinations to make your Delhi apartment glow in all seasons. Dark colours like red, blue, green and even black are perfect for winters. For summers, you must go for all the pinks, sky blue, and yellow shades.


Get expert waterproofing in Delhi to protect your beautiful walls from the harsh effects of the seasons.


Aesthetic furniture pieces

Delhiites adore their furniture. Delhi is known for some famous furniture markets and that’s how one can easily get beautiful furniture with exquisite designs to match the home decor. Whether it is a garden table or an eclectic chair, you can get great furniture for your home and use them according to the seasons. Look out for intricate, ancestral work in metal and wood. Natural materials are absolutely the way to go!


Love of texture and patterns

A good Delhi apartment gives you a lot of art to explore. This is not only about colours and eclectic combinations but also rich textures and patterns. You will easily find love for nature and culture in all elements.


Add textures to your space with rugs, curtains, pillows, and unique furniture pieces. Focus on natural materials like wood, metal, and stone. All these elements are further enhanced with beautiful patterns. You can use printed wallpapers according to seasons. Don’t miss out on all the fun details.


Check out Asian paints colour combinations for bedroom to get a modern and trendy look.


Use lots of plants

Home decor plants are very trending in Delhi spaces. An abundance of nurseries will make it very easy for you to get plants for your balconies, terraces, and even living rooms. Evergreen, as well as seasonal plants, can amplify the decor of your space amazingly. You can also get beautiful, handcrafted ceramic planters to keep your plants safe and pretty.


Don’t forget the floors and ceilings

You can easily find beautiful floors and ceilings in Delhi homes. Marble and wooden flooring are very popular. They give a great finish and are also very easy to maintain. To explore different textures, you can try wooden lamination, marble inlaid flooring, and vitrified tiles. You can also use sandstone and limestone for a more natural look.


For ceilings also you can use bright colours and textures. Crown mouldings are very popular because of their seamless, complete look. You can install unique lamps that can be modern or traditional. Chandeliers can also be used for a grand, royal look.


When it comes to home decor, Delhiites do have a great advantage to explore multiple elements in colours, textures, and lights. We hope these tips must have given you a great insight on how to get started and give your home a brand new look for the season.


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