Movies have become an integral part of everyone’s life. Everyone has a different taste in movies and wait for their favorite actor’s and actresses ’ films eagerly. Some of them are so excited that they visit the theater to watch the 1st-day 1st show. But, many of them know that they can get the same movie in a day or two on pirated websites like gomovies2020.

Pirated sites are those sites that contain all the information but do not have the authority to disclose it. People can get the same movie in the same quality from there. But, these are the illegal sites that are not supported by the government.

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Many people visit theatres and movie halls to watch the movie. On the other hand, many people download the same movie from the pirated sites and watch it for free. In many cases, those movies release on these pirated sites 2 or 3 days before the releasing date. gomovies 2.0 is one of the pirated apps that help people download movies illegally. Although it is an unfair means to download any content from these pirated sites but a major population supports this system.

Some of them download movies from torrent whereas others have access to these pirated sites. Downloading movies from these pirated sites not only affects the film industry but it leads to losses of cinema halls and entertainment portals like Amazon Prime, Hot star, Netflix, and many more.


The number of people going to the theatres has reduced to such an extent that all the movie hall owners have to bear the loss. These pirated sites like gomovies 123 have affected the numbers of Box Office tremendously. 123movies gomovies online is not the only site supported by the viewers. Many other sites leak unsupported and illegal content. They release movies and other worldwide series.

Gomovies 2020 is under operation for many years and it provides access to many films and web series. It includes different movies and web series in different languages. Consumers always think about minimizing the cost and producers always focus on maximizing profits. No solution other than pirated sites minimizes the cost of consumers for watching any movie to zero. This is the foremost reason why people prefer to watch their favorite movies and series on pirated sites.

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Another reason is that everybody is busy in their own lives. They have to spare some time from their busy schedule to reach theatres and movie halls to watch a film. But, if they download it from the pirated sites like gomovies, they can watch it anywhere and anytime. So, if people would ask what is Gomovies, it is an illegal website that provides pirated content of everything. It provides movies and a series of many languages like English, Hindi, Punjabi, and many more.


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There are movies like How to Train Your Dragon Full-Time gomovies. How to Train Your Dragon is in continuation in three sequels. All the three sequels are provided on gomovies hub. In the first part, I.e. How to Train Your Dragon. In the first part of How to Train Your Dragon Full Movie Gomovies, Hiccup wants to be a dragon hunter like his dad. But, his dad always refused to be so. One night, he caught the night fury who is the most dangerous dragon. Thereby, his father believed that he is worthy enough to be a dragon hunter.

How to train your dragon 2 GoMovies sc has shown a leap of five years. After 5 years, Hiccup finds out that there is an ice cave that is the home of thousands of wild dragons. The two friends are there in the center of the battlefield to find peace. In the How to Train Your Dragon 2 gomovies Hindi, Hiccup tries to unite the dragons and believe that both men and dragons can lead a better future. The movie continues with another sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 3 gomovies. In the third sequel of how to train your dragon 3 gomovies, hiccup finds out there is another dragon-like the night fury which is the hidden world. Before hiccup, a higher tyrant named Grimmel finds it first.


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gomovies2020 also provides another specular series named 13 reasons why. 13 Reasons Why is based on a novel by Jay Asher named 13 reasons why. The story is based on a teenage boy that returns home and finds a mysterious box with his name. In 13 Reasons Why gomovies, the box contains a cassette by his classmate who committed suicide two weeks earlier. 13 reasons why gomovies includes many reasons. 13 reasons why is divided into Four Seasons.

In the first season, the teenager finds a cassette with the audio of his classmate who committed suicide two weeks prior. In 13 reasons why season 2 gomovies, the students of Liberty High School face the aftermath of Hannah’s death. It also claims that liberty ignored the signs that Hannah gave before her suicide. Everybody is dealing with their own lives as well and trying to move on. On the other hand, Clay and his classmates have another mystery to solve with the mysterious Polaroid pictures.

In 13 reasons why season 3, some major happenings take place. Bryce Walker is found dead and nobody knows who killed him. In 13 reasons why Season 4, Justin leaves rehab serious about staying by supporting his group meetings. He finds out about the death of his mom due to a drug overdose. The climax of the season is here when Justine collapses on the floor on the prom night.

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Gomovies2020 always comforts the visitors and regular viewers with their latest modifications. It provides free movies and web series to the people. Along with it, gomovies2020 make sure that viewers do not have to surf the website to find out the content of their choice. That is why it provides the content into different genres. There are three genres: Latest Movies, Latest Series, and Latest Episodes. As already mentioned, after some days of releasing the movie or web series on the official platform, gomovies2020 provide the same content to the people for free. So, under the section of the latest movies, people can find the movie that has been released some days earlier. They can watch it for free. They will also find other movies when viewers will search them with the respective names.


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The section is latest movies contains all the movies that are released around a month ago. A different section is made so that the latest movies and not mixed with the old movies. These days, young youth find web series more interesting and relevant as compared to movies. They want to know everything in detail and that’s why love to watch web series. Also, everyone can’t spare two or three hours of their day to watch a movie. Leaving a movie in between loses their level of interest.

Most of the people especially working youth, do not have much time for themselves. They just find an hour for themselves. In that hour, they want to go through so refined and soothing content that freshens them up. So, they find some series to watch that contains several episodes. Each episode is not more than 40 minutes. So, they manage to watch an episode for a day.


So, gomovies2020 has some content for them as well. It has its section named the latest web series. Those series that are released on the official platforms around a month ago would be there on the gomovies website as well. They will be present under the section of the latest web series. Many webs series have different seasons in itself. Like there are eight seasons in The Vampire Diaries, four seasons in 13 reasons why. Also, there are several episodes in a particular season. On the other hand, several movies have many sequels. For instance, Golmaal, How to Train Your Dragon, To all the Boys, and many more. So, the section named latest episodes contains all the new episodes of the respective web series of the particular season.


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Viewers can get all the seasons with every episode under this section. Every movie has a certain date on which it releases on the official platform. Due to COVID 19, All the theatres were shut down for a couple of months, those days these official streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Alt Balaji, Hotstar, and many more other online streaming platforms came into trend. Before COVID-19, these platforms were into action. But, theatres have a different legacy maintained over the taste of people. Every generation, young youth, and others preferred to watch movies in the theater. People want to hang out with their friends by watching movies at the movie hall. Couples generally used to plan a date for the movie of their choice. Families used to plan a weekend watch a movie at the theater and having dinner.

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During COVID-19, all the restaurants and movie halls were shut down. At that time, these platforms came into action. Their subscribers and accountability constantly increased and now people prefer to watch their movies on these online platforms only. Shutting down of movie halls led to a change in the taste of young youth also. Those families and young youth who always preferred to watch the first show of the movie of their favorite actors and actresses prefer to watch that first show at home only. The demand for web series gradually increased past a few months. Sometimes, movies and series that are not even released on the official platform get released on illegal websites.


There are many other websites like gomovies2020. Some of them are TamilRockers, 123Movies, and many more. Every website offers the same content somehow. It just depends upon the user which one he or she likes to operate. These illegal websites provide movies latest episodes and web series in languages like English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil. In India, people of different regions use this website to watch free content of their choice. Some of them also prefer to watch shows and movies in the languages of the state they belong to. So, a person from every state would find something or the other to watch. Whether it is a web series or a movie, every content on the website is provided in high quality.


A large number of movies are leaked on GoMovies2020. Some of them are Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, The Lion King, Avengers: End Game, and many more. Some of the Bollywood movies like Dabangg 3, Pagalpanti were also leaked on this website. In India, America and other countries gomovies are illegal. Even after certain restrictions by the government to stop the operations of the website, gomovies have always tried to continue its operations. It changes with .in, .com, and many more. For many years, this website is providing leaked and pirated content to its users. Some of the leaked movies are The Lion King, Dolittle, Bala, NGK, Parasite, Avengers, 1917, Vikings, Bharat, Narcos, Dabangg 3, and many more. But, running this illegal website is haunted by the moviemakers now. These illegal sites provide content to the users for free. On the other hand, the moviemakers have to bear the loss.

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The illegal sites are working against government interventions gomovies provides content on its website. However, it provides free content to other pirated sites as well and that is the make reason behind the loss bear by the movie makers. As already said, other illegal websites provide the same content as gomovies2020 do. Those websites get those free content and date from gomovies.



The government is trying to eradicate the working of all the illegal websites like gomovies2020, 123movies, and many more. But all the websites change from .pn, .com, and many more. That is why the government could not find out where these websites are working. They just try to surf the search engine to find how many websites are trolling pirated content everywhere. If the government does not allow these sites to transfer pirated content, why do these websites work?

Why people all around the world love to operate such sites? If these websites are illegal as per government norms, why these are not caught by the legislature? Do we have any rule or statement in our law to eradicate such spread? How many people are the real culprits begins such illegal websites? Is there any way to punish them? What is the punishment and under which act it states to be definite? All these questions have a different set of answers.


Government always tries its best to catch these websites and that is why it has made certain rules to follow. The court considers these websites as illegal in India and considers it as a cybercrime. For such spread of latest movies and web series in different languages, the court has certain sections defined. The film industry suffers the most in the spread of their movies and series way before release. They try to catch the culprits and compensate for the loss they bore.

So, according to the cinematograph act, any person who aims to record a movie without the permission of the producer can face jail for up to 3 years. , The Cinematograph Act came into effect in 2019. It focuses on protecting the official recording of movies and other series. It includes camcording or even duplication of films. So, section 6 AA is added under the amendment bill to prohibit unauthorized recording.


Source: The Hindu

But, are the website operators the only individuals who should be penalized and be in jail. Those websites have millions of users also. They are the only people for whom these websites work. The websites provide pirated and leaked content to such users and all the users enjoy the free content. So, users are equally responsible for such mishappening. To all the viewers who watch pirated content on such websites are imposed a fine of Rs.10 lakh. Users watch the pirated content and share them with their friends and family. Through this sharing of illegal content, these websites get more and more reach. So, everyone who shares the pirated content like movies and web series can also face a long-term jail.


Under the piracy law, if the court proves that any person has infringed or helped the other person in infringement of the pirated content from those illegal websites, has committed a criminal act. Nobody has the right to infringe or download the pirated copy of the content uploaded. If he or she commits to do so, he or she has committed a criminal act. The court will assume that the person already knew about infringement. That is why they have downloaded the content and helped others to download it.

In every movie, there is a watermark or a copyright that portrays the originality of the content. Downloading or copying the date without any legal consent of the producer is a crime. Every movie with a copyright or a watermark cannot be downloaded by any person without the legal consent of the producer. Still, if the person commits to do so, it would lead him or her to jail. If a person is caught in such a crime for the first time, a jail term would be for six months to two years. Moreover, the fine would be between 50,000 to 2,00,000. It would depend upon the seriousness of the issue how much fine the court would charge.


Why is gomovies so slow? When users create heavy traffic on the website ATV at the same time, the website starts running slow. Maybe that’s why people think about why is gomovies so slow. Some of the Hollywood movies that are already there uploaded on gomovies are gomovies how I met your mother, gomovies doctor who, who is America gomovies, fantastic beasts and where to find them gomovies and many more. How I met your mother gomovies has many sequels and all the sequels are there on this website.

Some of the other movies are Ralph breaks the internet gomovies, crazy rich Asians gomovies, venom gomovies, what men want gomovies cool, and others. Now the question arises what are gomovies and how to download movies from gomovies? Also, what does ts mean on gomovies? How to download from gomovies 123movies is simple. gomovies app has all the genres from the latest movies to the latest episodes. So, users just have to search for the movie or web series they want to watch along with the episode number. The movie will display on the screen of the user. What happened to gomovies? Is the website still in operation? Is gomovies safe? If not, many other sites are similar to it.


Some of the sites offer pirated content to the users. The sites are Ssrmovies, Filmy4wap, Mp4moviez, Moviespur, Movie Counter, Yts, Bollyshare, 1337x, Madras Rockers, 7starhd, Downloadhub, Teluguwap, Kuttymovies, Pagalworld, Moviesda, Djpunjab, Bolly4u, Todaypk, 9xmovies and any more.


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SSRMovies: It leaks the original copy of movies and series online. It majorly puts an effect on the profit share of the movie makers. The whole entertainment industry including producers, directors, cinema hall owners, and other investors bear a huge amount of loss. This increase in the number of pirated movies is creating a problem for many, especially the creators. Many directors and producers have filed a complaint against SSRmovies but this illegal website is the pirated content without any fear of consequences. For all the movie lovers who do not prefer to go to theatres and wish to spend their day at home, these pirated sites are like a boon.


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Filmy4wap: These illegal websites have made many changes in their website and consider themselves as number one for 400 MB and 1 GB movie download. This website provides movies in 400 MB with premium quality than others. Another website provides movies of 300 MB but their quality is not up to the mark. Apart from providing copyright content like movies and web series, this illegal website also provides popular TV SHOWS like Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma and Baalveer Returns, and many more.

Talking about the latest content like the latest movies, web series, and many more, it shows all the newly added content on the top of the screen. This website works well on both mobile phones and computers. Users just have to search the content of their choice to download it. They can watch and download anything like movie, web series, or any Indian Television show of their choice.


Source: mouthshut.com

Movies Counter: It is not a much-known website but provides unlimited movies in HD mode. Users who love to watch Bollywood movies can download any Bollywood movie whether new or old, from this illegal site. On the other hand, the website also provides different Hollywood and Tollywood movies. By today, this illegal site has updated more than a thousand movies. Netizens can find the movie of the choice by either entering the name of the movie or the year of release. They can go through various genres for the same. The illegal sites also provide the content available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Zee5, Alt Balaji, and many more. It is specially designed after taking into consideration computer and phone usage. The website has different categories of lists ranging from oldest to newest content. Users can download movies with HD quality and other TV shows as well.


BollyShare: It is one of the latest sites that began its operations a few years ago. Within a few years, it grabbed a lot of traffic at the search engine. It is a unique website and has distinct ways from other illegal websites. Other than films, this website gives access to Hindi and English drama serials. People who love to watch south Indian movies can refer to this website for downloading free HD quality content.

Anyone can find the movie or show using the search option and it takes you to a vast content available on the website. Some of the Hollywood movies that are leaked on this illegal website are Jawaani Jaaneman, Dolittle, Love Aaj Kal, Bird of Prey, Joker, and many more. One of the amazing features of this website is that users can contact the website owners and ask them to add a movie or any feature on this website.


Source: Mantavya

DownloadHub: This infamous site always tries to leak the original copies of movies, web series, and the latest episodes of TV shows before the releasing time. The reason why this site has an incredible reach is that it has a vast collection of HD movies, web series, Indian Television shows, and many more. People can watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and many more variety of movies. The website has different sections of newly added movies and series with their latest episodes.

The picture quality of those series and movies is equivalent to theatre print. Many producers and directors file a complaint against such illegal sites. But, these sites are under operation without any fear of consequences. They just change their extended domain through .pn, .in, .com, and many more. Users motives these illegal sites to continue their operations. They watch and circulated the pirated and dubbed data among other people and help in increasing the strength of users.


DjPunjab: It is one of the oldest illegal sites that provides old songs albums and movies. Its sites attain the oldest and a vast collection of Punjabi movies and songs. This site always uploads Punjabi songs and albums before the releasing time. It benefits all the users to download the songs and listen to them offline. This site is not only famous for downloading the latest mp3 and mp4 songs, but it also keeps a track of the latest Bollywood albums. Other hand affecting the music industry, this site puts a major effect on the earning of songs streaming and offline earning apps like Spotify, Wink, Hungama, Gaana, and many more. The illegal website is famous for leaking songs and albums. It affects the earnings of music composers and singers. It put an impact on the quality of the song they uploaded.


So, these were some of the illegal sites that are continually affecting the film and music industry. It is quite difficult to catch them and stop their services because of their sudden change in the domain name. The government is trying its best to stop the working of such illegal sites. These sites like 123 movies download, DownloadHub, DjPunjab, and many more and illegal not only in India but in America as well. All other sites must also have different names for different countries. Every country has some rule or the other to stop the functioning of these sites. For instance, under the piracy law of India, the website operators have to face three years of jail as a punishment. Moreover, users would also have to face penalty and punishment along with the operators. They have to pay a certain amount of money and can also face jail punishment of three years. The price of the penalty would vary depending upon the seriousness of the case. To operate gomovies’ websites, users can refer through https://gomovies.




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