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I am glad to know that there are so many people out there with whom I can share my doubts, curiosity and confusion about this ideology. Actually, I am an anti-feminist man. The word ‘man’ of course provide a feminist the reason to exist, fight, target and motivation for all her/his actions. It is not wrong to say that the existence of feminism and feminist is because of this word. I think ‘man’ is an integral part of feminism. Without it, feminism cannot even exist, nor it makes any sense.
But let’s jump on my question rather than sharing my opinion with you. Just tell me one thing, why every tragedy, atrocity, torture, rape, murder, molestation or any kind of crime against a particular woman is considered as the crime against all the womankind of this world? How only one victimized woman makes the entire women a victim or potential victim?
If the same crime happens with a man, it is treated individually. It becomes a ‘personal thing’, a personal matter.
Where does this individualism when it comes to treat female victim’s case individually.
Besides that, I have noticed that some or most of the radical/non-radical feminist always highlight the case where a man is the main accuse or criminal. What happens to a feminist when there is a crime against a woman is committed by woman or transgender or a crime against man is committed by woman or man or a person with any other gender? Why aren’t these incidents highlighted under feminism?
Feminism advocates right, freedom and power for the women. But why only for women? Do you think that all women are living under the same roof, they got same ability, knowledge, power, fate and calibre? Do you consider that just by struggling for the rights for woman will create equality all over the world? How can you assume that all women are living in an equal condition all over the world? Haven’t you heard about rich, poor, healthy, unhealthy, powerful, downtrodden, caste, religion, country, race and inheritance? There is a long list of the reasons for inequality in this society and this world. Justice is artificial. Nature never justify any act nor it follows the law of justice that human create. Nature has its own law and the perception of justice and equality is completely different and incomprehensible for humans. So. All men are not equal neither all women are equal. They are divided. Some are victims, others are not. Some of them are the ruler and enjoy the perk for being on the top and others are just being ruled and exploited.
So, being born with a vagina doesn’t make you a victim and being born with a penis doesn’t make anybody a victimiser. Yes, we can say that the society is patriarchal all over the world. But when it was not patriarchal? I think (as much as I know) it was patriarchal from the beginning and the existence of homosapeins. Early man is used to go on hunt and fight for females in order to make her the part of his harem (just like some animals do). So we can say that women were victimized from the beginning. Nature has created you as comparatively weaker and it is proven by the science. Or are we seeing this fact in a wrong way? Can we say that women accepted to be a weaker gender because it helps them to focus on their sexuality which has some greater roles and power in this society than men’s strength? Suppose, if women are not sexually attractive, they are as muscular and unattractive as men. They got the same level of prowess, strength, intelligence and figure as a man. What will happen ? May be men doesn’t feel the need to protect women and make them feel safe in a safer zone. May all women will have to struggle just like men do. May be men do not feel the necessity to have sex and raise kids because sex is not any more pleasurable and fantastic when you are straight and you have fuck an unattractive creature who just looks like you. May the whole existence of human being will move towards its end. So what will you get with that kind of equality? Instead of sitting in a safe cocoon, you have to fight, compete and struggle with others in order to get what you desire. So, it is just the women’s sexuality which makes a man crazy and a mindless beast, it provokes him to go hard and achieve something which is not actually desired by himself but it is the desire of a woman who is desired by him. He wants to fulfil all her desire so that she can allow him to get sexual pleasure with her body. That’s why a woman was allowed to live in home, not fight wars, not to do hard labour of outside (not always), wear expensive ornaments and have all kinds of pleasure and substances of comforts that is gathered by a man by doing struggle in this cruel world. All wars are fought by men, all creations are done by the men, all kinds of hardships was endured by the men in the history and even in the modern world. But feminism will not talk about this kind equality that brings insecurity. If you want to rule this world, you will have to endure the infinite and futile suffering of this world. No pain no gain. But the only kind of pain a feminist talk about is the labour pain which a woman has to endure during giving birth to a child. And they will brag about it a lot. They held themselves responsible for the existence of this whole nonsensical world. Okay, I admit that you are the reason for our painful existence. So why you have to rely on a man in order to conceive a rugrat. Why don’t you use the seeds from apple, mango, horse, dog, monkey or any other organism in order to carry on your great duty of further creation? And even if one day the science will become so advanced that a woman will no longer need man’s sperm to create that ‘great’ thing, will she stop complain about the gender with penis? I don’t think so.
The truth is that it was never the men nor this so called and assumed ‘patriarchal society’ which was responsible for the inequality and victimization of women but everyone is responsible. Including the women themselves, they themselves misused their sexuality to bargain it with materialistic desires. If it was not the true reason, then why most or all women only prefer to award the sexual favour to only those men who are comparatively more rich, powerful, stronger than their rivals. I haven’t seen any rich and beautiful woman fall for an ugly and poor man no matter how handsome he is. It was only found in movies. But it is possible for a rich and powerful man to marry a poor to sexually attractive women. So the answer is simple. The feminists’ perspective of the society is incorrect and it is needed to be corrected. A Matriarchal society doesn’t exists because it was never needed and this so called patriarchal society was not only the creation of men but it is because of the mutual agreement between the powerful people of both genders. In my opinion the term feminism was coined as a mischief in order to divert the attention from other major problems all over the world like poverty, economical and societal inequality, distribution of power, diseases and epidemics, science, religious fanaticism, wars and other problems. Nobody can guarantee this world will be a better place if it is ruled by the females or presence of matriarchal society.

By- Piyush Kumar for DU Updates


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