Fashion in Delhi University
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We can’t deny the fact that fashion at Delhi university is famous for setting up trends. Being in a prestigious university, you are allowed to explore and express yourself through clothing. 

Fashion in Delhi University
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The most exciting thing about college is you get free from all the rules and restrictions of school. Moreover, if you want to highlight yourself in the fashion arena and you are at Delhi University, it is like the cherry on top of the cake. DU is known for having the best fashion understanding. 

It gives the platform to showcase the fashionable aspects of a person. However, it becomes difficult for freshers to decide as they are more conscious about- What to wear? Will they look good on their first day? What is the latest fashion trend? Are some more questions that are apparent to arise. 

So, here is the complete outfits guide of fashion in Delhi university for fresher girls to wipe out your worry. It’s time to change your whole wardrobe according to the latest trends. Most importantly, carry them as per your style. After all, ‘Fashion changes with time, but style remains the same.’

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Basics never go out of fashion. The best thing is it doesn’t make you uncomfortable. You can look stylish with just a simple basic tee and pants. Therefore, having basic color tops or T-shirts wardrobe will reduce some of your burden of what to carry on regular days. 

Fashion in Delhi University
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Black, white, grey, beige, and dark blue are some basic colors that look good with any pair of bottoms. Moreover, in that basic color, you can go for some little detailing on tops. For instance, you can add a fun tee to your wardrobe. Additionally, Lilac color basic tees and tops are in more trend.


Accessories- keeping it simple and elegant, try on dainty pendants. In contrast, big metal geometry-shaped earrings will work amazingly. However, if you are not a big fan of earrings, go fir detailed diminutive earrings.

Footwear– Keeping in mind the basic outfit, go for casual white or black shoes. Moreover, you can choose from flats too. Both will look decent with your fit.

Additionally, this outfit will not be expensive. You will look fashionable without burning a hole in your pocket.


Nowadays, high-rise waist jeans or trousers are in trend. After all, it looks wonderful with chic crop tops. Again, go for the basic color of trousers if much of the detailing is on the top and vice versa.

Fashion in Delhi University
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The white trendy crop top will look stylish with black or navy blue bottoms. Whereas, floral crop tops may go with white or any basic color trousers. 

Accessories- If the neck design is large such as sweetheart, round, square-shaped, V- neck, or cami tops. Then you can add some choker necklaces or earrings.  Though, if the top design is explicit then avoid accessories.

Footwear- Comfy heels and wedges will lift the outfit. Try to wear open-toe footwear on such bottoms. 



Presently, no one will mock you for wearing a loose or oversized outfit. Besides, it has become a new fashion trend. If someone doesn’t want to compromise their comfort to be fashionable, then this is the favorable fit. You will feel at home, with no discomfort because of those sticky clothing. 

Fashion in Delhi University
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However, with the oversized tees, try a fitted pair of trousers or jeans or shorts. Moreover, style shirt over a basic top and any trouser. Further, the watercolor tie-dye is trending in 2021. 

Accessories Opt for elegant bracelets in silver and gold. As I mentioned above, examine the neck design and then choose the necklace accordingly. Can go for tiny colorful earrings. 

Footwear- As this fit will appear casual and effortless. Thus, mules and gladiators will look promising rather than heels. 


Many fashion trends will come and go, but denim is constant. The garments made of denim look classy as well as chic. Consequently, it is worth spending on quality denim.

Fashion in Delhi University
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Jeans, jackets, shirts, shorts, and more are available in denim. According to your preference, add any or all to your wardrobe. For instance, denim on denim looks great in autumn or winter. You can try denim jackets on denim bottoms. However, do not mess it up, wear a basic black or white T-shirt or cami satin top under the jacket. 

Accessories- When it comes to denim, there is no need to do too much on your look. Just wear studs or tiny earrings and you are good to go.

Footwear- According to the outfit I suggested of denim, sneakers work wonderfully. Another alternative can be sandals of your favorite color.


To be comfortable and stylish at the same time, dresses and skorts (skirts + shorts) are great options. However, choose dress material according to the weather and your preference. For instance, cotton dresses are more breathable than any other fabric. 

Fashion in Delhi University
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Talking about the design and length, it’s all on your style. Though florals, ruffled, striped, and slit dresses are in trend. They look so pretty and extravagant. Moreover, for chic outfits, skorts over tops work well. Further, pleated skirts are in trend and also comfortable. You can try funky tees over denim shorts.


Accessories- Again on such outfits dainty pendants with an elegant bracelet look stunning. Also, you can style a printed scarf on your plain dresses.

Footwear- For college regular students, sneakers and sliders are more comfortable. However, if you love to move out of your comfort zone, pumps look wonderful. 


Keeping it Indian and sophisticated, Kurtis and tunics work well. Do not style it the formal way, go for a trendy pair of jeans. Nowadays, Kurtis is available in various designs and patterns that will look presentable, comfortable, and ‘desi’.

Fashion in Delhi University
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You can carry shrugs over your Kurti. This will give an Indo western look. For stylish bottoms, basic trousers or evergreen blue jeans will look decent.

Accessories- When it comes to Indian dress, no one can resist wearing ‘Jhumka’ on it. Besides Jhumka, you can also carry bracelets or just small pretty rings.

Footwear – Surely, ‘Kolhapuri’ slippers look amazing on Kurtis, or other alternatives can be a ‘Mojaris’ or Ballerinas. Ultimately, these little things will quirk up your whole fit.


Just like basic outfits, monochrome never goes out of fashion. Moreover, it will never be a bad choice. In monochrome, the color of the outfit remains the same but shades can be different. 

Fashion in Delhi University
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The monochrome color you should give it a try at once is white or black White or black dresses look so classy and elegant that no other outfit can beat them. However, if you love bright colors then shades of purple look presentable and trendy.

Accessories- If you like the boho look, then junk or oxidized jewelry looks stunning. According to the dress-up, you can decide your size of earrings or other accessories. However, try to choose accessories of the same color as the outfit.

Footwear- For college students, sneakers have always been their best friends. So, on any fit, wear sneakers. Another substitute can be mules or wedges.


The amazing thing about fashion is it cycles itself. And the example is here, Bell-bottoms and other non-skinny jeans. The days of wearing skinny and non-breathable jeans have gone. 

Fashion in Delhi University
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Invest in such kind of 70s fashion and feel stylish as well as comfortable. Wear it with basic tees or a sweatshirt or whatever you want. If talking about any event or fest in DU, flared pants with extraordinary tops look remarkable. Eventually, you’re going to look like a fashionista.

Fashion in Delhi University
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Accessories- Classy pair of studs and some chic pearl or stone hair clips will rock and boost your whole look. Moreover, try some trendy pendants and you are good to go.

Footwear- As sneakers are the best friend of students but they are also the best buddy of any outfit. On every kind of bottoms (straight fit, flared, bell bottoms, wide, light wash pants, so on) it looks outstanding. Furthermore, you can carry boots in winter. 


Which is the best place to go shopping? This is one of the most significant questions for freshers. 

So, here are some famous markets in Delhi to shop:

  • Sarojini Nagar
  • Lajpat Nagar
  • Kamla Nagar
  • Palika Bazar
  • Janpath 

These places offer a wide variety of clothing as well as at low prices. Isn’t it great? A whole outfit will be affordable and yet you will be in trends. However, for denim and other stuff which is evergreen such as basic tees, search for quality instead of inexpensive clothes. 

For other wardrobe articles, avoid wasting valuable bucks. It is necessary to pay attention to how much you are spending on your outfit and at the same time look presentable. 


Being in trend is all good until and unless it makes you comfort suffer. Invest in livable and breathable fabrics. Moreover, styling the outfits mentioned above is enough to keep you in trend. Though being happy with your style and outfit is the biggest accomplishment. 



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