paperless election campaign

Election campaigns always come with environmental issues and it has become an important issue. And, here we witness people who are concerned about the environment and decide to make a positive change. Team Aman Sharma of Law Centre-II, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, has embarked on an extraordinary paperless election campaign.

It prioritizes sustainability and embraces eco-friendly practices in the upcoming elections of the Students’ Union of Law Centre-II, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

Paperless Election Campaign 

Unlike traditional election campaigns that rely heavily on paper and plastic materials, Team Aman Sharma has taken a bold step by eliminating these resources from their campaign. Instead, they have found an innovative alternative: dead leaves and cloth banners. By utilizing fallen leaves, Team Aman Sharma not only showcases their commitment to the environment but also demonstrates an inspiring level of creativity.

Reducing Waste and Promoting Sustainability

The use of dead leaves and cloth banners not only eliminates the need for paper and plastic but also reduces waste significantly. By repurposing a natural resource that would otherwise go to waste, Team Aman Sharma sends a strong message about the importance of resourcefulness and sustainable practices.

This approach not only resonates with environmentally conscious voters but also sets an example for other candidates and campaigns to follow.

Preserving College Infrastructure and Respecting Human Dignity

Beyond the environmental benefits, Team Aman Sharma emphasises that the Right to Campaign should not be confused with the Right to Deface college infrastructure and causes an unnecessary burden for workers of the college, who often get their nails and fingers scraped while scratching the election posters off of the walls, doors and mirrors of the college building.

As we navigate the challenges posed by climate change, it is essential to prioritize sustainability and take action to protect our planet. By adopting this paperless election campaign approach, Team Aman Sharma wishes to demonstrate that small changes can make a big difference and that every individual has the power to contribute to a greener future.



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