Elgar Parishad case
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On Sunday, August 2 around 7:30 AM in the morning, a squad of ten officials including two women and eight men from the national investigation agency (NIA) arrived at Dr. Jenny Rowena’s residence in Noida. Dr. Jenny Rowena is the wife of Dr. Hany Babu and is also an associate professor at Miranda House of Delhi University. The team of officials entered into her house and searched the residence in association with the ongoing investigation in the Elgar Parishad case. Lately, on July 28 Dr. Hany Babu, an associate professor at Delhi University was arrested.

Hany Babu is among the 12 persons who got arrested under the Elgar Parishad case. Before him, several lawyers, human rights activists, and professors have been sent to jail since June 2018.

Dr. Rowena said that the officials reached their place at 7:30 in the morning and left their place around 11 AM. They landed up here all of a sudden while she was alone with her daughter. The NIA officials further told her that this is the part of the investigation and evidence collection procedure. She includes that the officials took away dew hard disks along with some stuff of GN Saibaba’s defense committee.

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Dr. Jenny further asserted that she was allowed to call some of her friends and inform them regarding the raid. She asserted that she told officials that she will permit them only when she will be allowed to call her friends and inform them. She included that she barely nee anyone nearby as they live far away from the university campus. After she informed her friends they reached her place and stayed until the prices were over. She added that her friends were allowed to come in only after the raid was over.


She further included that all the documents seized by the officials are all literature generated and are components of the GN Saibaba defense committee. According to her the documents seized by them were publicly disseminated and have all been in a public domain in support of Saibaba during various public talks, and demonstrations. Saibaba was a professor at Delhi University and is presently in Nagpur Central Prison serving life verdict.

Many Babu is a vocal anti-caste fanatic who also actively participated in the committee work. Majority of Babu’s deeds and work we’re based on the absence of sufficient Bahujan articulation and caste discrimination in the education system. He has written various research papers stating how OBC’s are usually kept away from the higher-level decision making positions.


The National Investigation Agency (NIA) in January took the Elgar Parishad case. Earlier, the Pune police were handling the case. The police earlier claimed that the people who got arrested have the active links communist party of India (Maoist) which is banned. These people have been alleged of organizing Elgar Parishad in Pune on 31st December 2017.


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