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The admission process for Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) at Delhi University from next year (session 2021-22) will be more transparent. DU had formed a committee for this. The committee has given its recommendations to the Delhi University for ECA admission.

Admissions are being made on the basis of certificate this year, but next year the process will be completely on trial with a fixed score.

For example, after getting 20 out of 100 marks in the certificate, the student will be given a chance in the first stage trial. The first trial will be of 100 marks. In this trial, the student scored 50 percent or more, only then will he go to the final stage. On scoring 50 percent or more in the final stage also, merit will be made on the basis of marks scored by the student out of 300.

This is the first time that such a guideline has been created for extracurricular activities. It is to be noted that DU enrolls in a maximum of four percent seats for ECA.

A university professor will head the committee

Earlier, the committee formed for the ECA admission trials consisted of other members, including the principal of the college. But now the head of this committee will be a senior professor of DU. Apart from this, experts will also be there. These three experts will do different markings. They will not even sit together.

On the day of trial, marks will be sealed and sent to the examination branch

Earlier, the experts would give marks of the trial later, but now on the day of the expert trails, the marks given by them will be sealed and will go to the examination branch. The marks of the three testers will be sealed separately. All three will not do the marking together.

This time, only admission with certificate
DU had earlier allowed only NCC and NSS category for Extra-Curricular Activities admission earlier in this session, but later in other categories. In a total of 14 main categories, DU admits various colleges under ECA. Due to the situation arising out of Covid-19, DU has decided not to go for trial this time, so admissions will be done only on a certificate basis. DU has put a detailed outline of this.

Addition – Provision for ECA admission in this session

DU has announced to start the application process from August 1 for Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) in all 14 categories. Students can apply for this by 31 August. Students can apply for the ECA course as well as for other courses.

Guidelines for ECA admission

– An applicant can maximum apply for three categories of ECA
– The application fee for the ECA category is 100 rupees.
– ECA admission will be on a certificate basis only. This time there will be no trials in ECA
– The applicant can upload a maximum of 5 best certificates. These certificates should be from 1 May 2017 to 30 April 2020. Certificates that do not have a date will not be accepted.
– Certificate of application will be measured on the basis of 100 marks
– Only three best certifications will be evaluated.
– No more than a 15 percent rebate will be given in the cutoff.




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