short term courses in Delhi

Delhi University since some time now has been trying to change things and make them easier for both the students and teachers. It is no hidden fact that it took a long time to digest the online admission process and the haphazard manner in which admissions were taking place. Now, news is that a 7-member team has been hired to develop an app for students’ attendance and has both been appreciated and criticized equally.

The app is expected to come out next month and while it brings relief for the students who had problems cooperating with the teachers and blamed them for unnecessarily losing their attendance, there are also some who are unhappy about the decision. But despite everything, there’s no doubt about the fact that it will help students stay updated and notice if there’s a short of attendance in due time and take corrective measures beforehand. Also, the attendance will bring transparency and ensure accountability.  After all, attendance becomes a hindrance when it comes to getting admit cards during the end of the semester.

All in all, there’s an anxiety among students about what the app might bring and all they can do right now and see how it turns out to be!

By- Pragya Achantani


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