DU student killed by a man by iron rod over proposal rejection


In Delhi, a guy killed his cousin with an iron rod because she had refused to get married to him. And he was having trouble convincing anyone else to agree. DU student was killed in the park near Aurobindo College.


The 25-year-old DU student was killed in a park this afternoon by a man who allegedly planned the murder for three day. And he surrendered himself to police some hours later.

Delhi Police officials said, “In Malviya Nagar in South Delhi, we learned that a 25-year-old body of a woman had been discovered in a park close to Aurobindo College. Moreover, near her body, an iron rod was also discovered.

It was discovered during the investigation that the victim was identified as Nargis and she was seen by people in the park with her cousin Irfan. This DU student was killed brutally by her cousin.

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The police discovered that Nargis had graduated from the DU’s Kamala Nehru College. Recently she was a student in a stenography course at Malviya Nagar.

After surrendering to the police, Irfan told in custody that he was 28 and for his living, he worked as a food delivery agent. And Nargis’s mother and her mother are real sisters. Along with this, he claimed that he wanted to marry Nargis but her family had rejected him due to his insecure career.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chandan Choudhary, “After his marriage proposal was denied and the girl refused to answer his calls and texts. Consequently, the boy became frustrated and the DU student was killed by him.

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Irfan planned the murder three days ago

Further, Irfan claimed that he started preparing for the murder three days ago from the actual incident. When Nargis was returning from her stenography classes, Irfan called her and requested to come to the park and said he wanted to speak to her. After she refused his proposal, he took an iron rod from his backpack and hit her.

Swati Maliwal, the chairperson of the Delhi Commission of Women (DCW) looked at the murder of a woman in Dabri last night. Also analysed the DU student killing case in Malviya Nagar and questioned how many murders would be required for the centre to keep the Delhi Police accountable.


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