Recently, the Delhi University Teacher’s Association ( DUTA) conducted a survey of over 50,000 Delhi University students. In the survey it has been found that 85% of the respondents are not in favor of the online Open Book Examination (OBE) as recommended by the University.


The University suspended its regular classes on 16th March 2020, and at the start of the month, the University’s administration issued a notice of its proposal to conduct Open Book Examinations (OBE’s) final year students of both undergraduate and postgraduate level at the beginning of the month of July. The notification was met with opposition from some professors and students who have argued that it is not a conceivable or comprehensive decision for the diverse student body. The student’s body comprises of students from SC, ST, OBC, and economically weaker sections, and many of them reside in different parts of the country.


Over 51,453 students responded to the survey conducted by Delhi University Teacher’s Association on preparedness for such Open Book Examinations. Out of 51,453 students who took part in the survey, 92% of the respondents are undergraduate students. Approximately 50% of the students who responded to the survey are our station students who reside in different parts of the country.


After 16th March 2020, the University proceeded its leftover course through online mode of teaching, while the survey recorded that 33.7% of students were not able to attend the online classes due to various issues. Moreover, 38.5% of the respondents were able to attend less than 50% classes.


Furthermore, the dissemination of the study material was not even during the lockdown. As per the survey, around 11.9 percent of respondents stated that they did not receive any study material to continue with their studies during the lockdown whereas 38.1 percent of students stated that they were not able to access the study material provided by their teachers through online mode.


The different reasons have come out, with 10.9 percent of students who responded to the survey said that they have 2G internet connection whereas 6.7 percent of students claimed that they have no internet connection.


As per the survey, less than half of the respondents have 4G internet connection. Moreover, barely 15 percent of the respondents have laptops with them, while 74.1 percent of students are relying on their smartphones which are not facilitating to study their academic course material which has been provided online.


The University has been closed since the University announced its mid-sem break. Many students returned to their hometown before hold during the mid-sem break, and they did not carry their books and other study material with them. As per the survey, around 55.4 percent of respondents asserted that they do not have their study material or any class notes which were made before the mid-sem break. They did not carry any books with them as the break was supposed to get over after a week’s holiday.





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