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The University of Delhi (DU) has undertaken an initiative to help the people in this time of crisis and therefore have initiated the ‘DU Care for Neighbour’ fund to support the economically weaker section staying in and around the North and South campuses. University vice-chancellor Yogesh Tyagi in his letter to the alumni asked for their constant support for this exertion. As indicated by certain sources, “The university has formulated an extraordinary team with an assorted representation that meets routinely through the virtual mode to examine approaching challenges, formulate remedies and execute them promptly.


The Vice-chancellor expressed in his letter while requesting the alumni to donate at He, thus, asserted “you have been an invariant plank of assistance to the university and furthermore a considerable contributor to country’s growth. Today, your place of graduation exhorts you to strengthen your endeavors to serve the nation in whatever aspect you can from wherever you are located.” “We hold the power and can together enhance each other’s esprit, feed mankind with more noteworthy solidarity of purpose, and can construct a superior world”.


This is the second time the vice-chancellor of DU had written an open letter in a while. In his previous letter which wrote to enrolled understudies asking them to support the country to fight against the pandemic during the lockdown. In the message, he applauded the alumni for their ‘committed assistance to the province’. He moreover ascertained them that the shutdown of classrooms due to the COVID-19 have not hindered the University’s “pursuit of knowledge” and has rather made them reanalyze their methods of processing. “In spite of the fact that regular educational workouts — primarily classroom education and laboratory analysis — have undergone attributable to the distancing regulation, we have not allowed these impediments to hinder our pursuit of learning, investigation, creation, and social outreach,” he composed. He, therefore, included, “The rampant disease has compelled us to reexamine the manner in which we operate and deliver. Our staff members have effectively explored virtual classrooms and different digital assistance to assure progression in the teaching-learning procedure.”


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