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Is Distance Education right for you?     

With the help of technology, a new way of education called “distance education “is swiftly thriving. Distance education is the most convenient way of getting education for students who are committed to other responsibilities. Various institutes and universities are adopting this method of education for variety of degrees. Most of the distance learners are full time employee, parents, students who live on a great distance from campus. There are several advantages of distance learning. Distance learning provides flexibility to learn and study according to your schedule and at your pace. Through this, you will be able to be at home and complete course along with your job or degree. Distance learning helps you completing further education in low price. Despite the advantages, distance education does not suit everyone. Before proceeding to distance education students should look for below given qualities in them.

1. Should have basic computer knowledge

Since distance learning includes a lot of online activity, in fact most of the work is done online. So learner should have basic knowledge of computer and internet. Students should have ability to browse and research using search engines and have knowledge of basic communicating tool like email.

2. Be self-motivated

 In distance learning students need to keep themselves motivated and encouraged unlike traditional classes where teachers assist, encourage and motivate to reach goals.Many times it is difficult for students to stay on track if one is not self-motivated. Either they lose their interest or stop putting efforts.  Student preparing to pursue distance education must possess zeal to keep going.

3. Should have time management skills

Excellent time management skills are required for enrolling in a distance course. Since distance education give flexibility of routine and have no strict rules of completing assignments on time, students start delaying them for the reason of being occupied by some other task.  Students need to understand putting them off for weeks often can end up in months.

4. Should have good reading and comprehension skills

Unlike traditional learning method,in distance education, teacher guidance is not given directly to students,instead video lectures and reading material are provided, so students should have good reading and comprehension skills.

5. Should have good communication skills

These days, communication skills are indispensable in any field. Communication skills have a vital role to play in distance education. From submission of assignments to clearing queries, everything is done over emails and video chat. Hence it becomes necessary for students to have good verbal as well as written communication skills.

6. Able to avoid distraction

 Main problem students find in distance education is that they are unable to avoid distraction. Students preparing to pursue any distance course should have a determined attitude toward their studies and goal. It is always hard to avoid party invitation or movie and phone calls. At such time students definitely need to have a priority list.

7. Be an active learner

Most important of all, students must be active learners. Unlike traditional classes, here your instructor is not going to directly ask you if you have any doubt, you need to speak for yourself. You should not let go your queries and doubts unclear. Be active in discussion forms and log in frequently for lesson otherwise it will start piling up.

Distance education / learning is not everyone’s cup of tea. Basically pursuing distance course is like learning independently where all you have is resource material and freedom to plan & control your learning schedule. Beside these advantages, distance education helps you in forming professional network of people throughout the world which in not possible in boundaries of a traditional classroom.

These days, distance learning is far more than having access to resource material and video lectures. These distance programmes try to provide students more interactive session through discussion forms, video chats and email etc. If you find yourself suitable to above given qualities then you must enroll in distance learning course for a legitimate experience.

By Anushikha Chaudhary

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