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Professor at Delhi University Wali Akhtar went to seven government hospitals as he showed symptoms of COVID-19. But he was not admitted to any of the seven hospitals.
The cases of COVID-19 are increasing day by day. Though all the government hospitals are providing this facility to cope up with the disease, but the number of patients is increasing at a high rate that the government hospital does much have much space to treat other patients. Out of all the cases of coronavirus pandemic, there are many patients facing death and many are recovered. Out of all the death cases of coronavirus, a professor of Delhi University Wali Akhtar lost his life.


He was a professor at the Arabic department and also the head of the Arabic Department. He was chosen twice as the head in the Arabic department. His colleague and also the professor of the Urdu Department Imtiyaz Ahmed said that professor Wali Akhtar lived in the area of South Delhi named Jamia Nagar and was admitted to a hospital of Jamia Nagar on Saturday. He was facing some problems in breathing due to which he died. But, he was suffering from fever for many days. Professor Imtiyaz Ahmed said that he had a test of COVID-19 on Tuesday, but died before disclosure of the report. He lived in the Jamia Nagar and come to the North Campus of Delhi University for teaching. He was the residence of Abul Fazal Enclave of Jamia Nagar.


As per the headlines, the professor went to seven government hospitals for five consecutive days for treatment but none of them admitted him despite knowing about his poor health conditions. The hospital in which he was admitted on Saturday was not a COVID-19 hospital. Professor Imtiyaz informed that as soon as he will get the COVID-19 report, he will look for further information.

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This was a case of a Delhi University professor. There are many other cases of a number of professionals that are suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. Precautions are important to be taken to avoid this disease. As this is an infectious disease, it is important not to be in physical touch with someone. Due to COVID-19, the Prime Minister of India ordered a nationwide lockdown. Although the nation is under lockdown for many days, but self-dependence is most important in this condition. Following some norms and protocols of social distancing can prevent us from this disease.


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