The clash over governing bodies of 28 Delhi University colleges, between the Delhi administration and university, hiked on Tuesday When the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia held Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi and the executive committee members responsible for the standoff. These colleges have been sponsored by the government.

In his letter to VC, Sisodia wrote that the highest functioning body’s members of Delhi University “seem to be conspiring to protect the perpetrators of corruption”. 

He further added “ There could not be any other intention, why such inordinate indecisiveness has been caused in the making up of the governing bodies and forwarding, six names sent on March 20, immediately to the concerned colleges.

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Sisodia asserted: Several complaints related to corruption in 28 Delhi colleges

According to the sources, the delay was because of the lockdown and also due to the fact that the Delhi government had denied reconsidering the names of six candidates against whom there are crucial allegations. Sources also asserted that the process of devising the governing bodies was on the track and will be finished by this June.

Out of 28 colleges, 16 get a mere 5% funds from Delhi University while 12 colleges are 100% sponsored by the Delhi authority. 

The 12 colleges have been constantly complaining that how twice this annual year, their funds used for salary payment of teaching and nonteaching employees were withheld by the authority due to the lack of any governing body.

The colleges have a complaint that the government is not providing them enough funds to pay off the salaries to the staff members and due to this, they were forced to dip in their savings to pay some teachers. To date, only six colleges were able to pay off the staff members entirely.

Alleging the inordinate delay in framing governing bodies seem “an intentional attempt to ensure that a proper oversight tool is not put in place”

Manish Sisodia claimed in his letter to VC that the office has collected a number of complaints regarding corruption and malpractices in these 28 colleges. 

According to a report published on 13th March, this year how some of the names whose names have been recommended by the Delhi government had claimed they were “social workers”.

These comprised of a salon owner, a guest teacher, a property consultant, and an electrician. The EC, going by its own resolution needed a person “ of dignity with a reliable interest in the area of education or those who have made a considerable contribution towards the improvement or administration of higher education; a person of stature in the sphere of development of the educational bodies”. 

On March 16, DU wrote the letter asking the government to reconsider the six names as “we have obtained several complaints against them.” 

The government resent the names go the universities on 20th March.

Asking Delhi University to take the earliest possible actions, Sisodia said that the absence of governing bodies and devoid of administration has resulted in the decline of the colleges, VC office, and the highest decision-making body, decline council will be solely responsible for it. 



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