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Approximately 80% of beds perpetrated for Covid-19 patients in eight city private hospitals are already taken, with 507 of a full of 631 occupied. Top hospitals are almost full like Apollo (Sarita Vihar), Max Smart (Saket), Fortis (Shalimar Bagh), Sir Ganga Ram City, and Sir Ganga Ram Kolmet in Pusa Road
A senior doctor at Apollo hospital told them they have over 80 beds for Covid-19 patients. “All of them are full. We have a few more beds for suspected cases and one or two victims have tested positive there too,” he explained.
An ambassador at Max Hospital, Saket, said they had reserved 160 beds for COVID cases. “Almost 90% of beds were full even 34 more beds were added.” There’re still sufficient beds in 6 nominated govt hospitals
The need for admission is very high. But we are only acknowledging patients with severe illnesses,” Dr. D S Rana, chairman, the board of supervision at Sir Ganga Ram hospital (SGRH) said. Two hospitals, Sir Ganga Ram Kolmet and Sir Ganga Ram City have been appointed for Covid-19 treatment. Both have 79% occupancy.
There is a severe crisis of ICU beds as well,” said a doctor at one of the Covid-19 nominated hospitals, who did not want to be specified. An official at Fortis Shalimar Bagh said all the ICU and other beds reserved for Covid-19 patients at their hospital are full.
Some hospitals that have shorter residence rates include Maa Durga Charitable Trust (80%), Batra (48%) Cygnus (20%). They were appointed for Covid-19 recently and, on Saturday, Cygnus hospital noticed a fire incident after which many of the Covid-19 victims had to be shifted.
Delhi has an aggregate of 14 hospitals that have been nominated for Covid-19. Of this, two are state-run, four are center-run and eight are private hospitals. These hospitals have enough beds available. For example, Lok Nayak hospital, which is run by the Delhi government, has close to 2,000 beds, of which about 27% are occupied at present by Covid-19 positive cases. A handful of other beds at the hospitals have believed cases. Furthermore, AIIMS (Delhi and Jhajjar) have 407 Covid-19 positive victims acknowledged at present, though their stirred ability is much higher.
“Delhi is a high-income state. Various people do not want to go to government hospitals. They are ready to expand but, unfortunately, there aren’t sufficient beds available. The government should do something about it to prevent a crisis situation,” said Alok Mathur, whose family members were diagnosed with Covid-19 recently. Subsequently Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat, Delhi is the fourth greatly dramatic state due to Covid-19. Epidemiologists say the circumstance may get worse in the imminent days as the inflammation curve is however on the ascendant. ” 50+ and kids must stay at home. They should take excess care to deter the infection,” doctors say.


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