Delhi Metro Service, which is the heart of the public transport and is used up by a huge number of citizens had been shut down temporarily on 22nd March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic which laid Junta Curfew. As the nation is under lockdown for many days, still there is some improvement in the transportation sector. Some special have started operating in some areas.

Suggestion to resume Metro Services:  Likewise, the Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Second Kejriwal, has received certain suggestions to operate the Delhi Metro services. As it is important to maintain social distance and follow all the rules and regulations which will prevent a person from the COVID-19, there will be some rules and regulations in relation to the metro services.

There are a number of metro lines connected to Noida, Gurgaon, and Faridabad and still, it is not yet confirmed which line will start operating. Unless the interstate transport is not cleared by the respective state government, the metro services would still remain curtailed.

The AAP Government has received many suggestions to resume the Delhi Metro Services and that is why there are concentrating on the safety norms and protocols. 

Rules and Regulations of Metro Services: As some states have the coronavirus cases in a large number, all the stations will be first analyzed properly by the government and the safety measures would be taken not only on the metro station but also inside the metro.

There will be no more asking of co-passengers to move and squeeze one’s body in the ledge. After the metro services will start resuming, there would be no more bustle and the image would completely differ.

In order to maintain social distancing, there will be stickers of ‘Do not sit here’ pasted on the backside of the seat. This will maintain social distancing and also improve the comfort level of people while traveling. 

Everything will be tested in detail: The government said, “ the exercise will be extremely exhaustive as it involves leaning and maintenance of 264 stations, over 2200 coaches and 1100 escalators and 1000 lifts, etc.” To ensure the full safety of the passengers and workers, it is important to test everything before the operation of the metro.

Therefore, all the systems of metro including signaling, electrical, rolling stock, and tracks will have to be tested in detail. Moreover, the norms and protocols of social distancing are being worked upon for passengers once they start to resume their traveling by using trains and other premises.

The date has not been finalized yet:  The date of resuming metro services and the stations through which metro services will operate again has not been finalized yet.

Still, the government is trying is best and whenever the date will be confirmed, it will be notified to the public within a particular course of time.

Moreover, concerning the staff and workers of the Delhi Metro Services, they have already been trained about the safety measures to make them ready for the job. It is done so that they could maintain social distancing among everyone.

However, it is not her decision about the lines of the metro services which will start to operate. Unless it is being cleared by the respective state government, the services of those lines will not resume. 

~ Kanika Khatri 



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