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After the cancellation of Board exams, CBSE class 12th students wait for the new evaluation criteria to be devised to declare their results. But, the biggest concern of these students is about ensuring fairness in the result evaluation process. Different views of class 12th students prevail on the assessment process. Thus, the tussle between opinions continues.

The tussle between parents and principals on the fate of CBSE class 12th students :

The evaluation process is yet to be decided and everyone has their own opinions. However, everyone wants to maintain optimum fairness and prevent the marks from being inflated. Also, there is a need to not give equivalence to online and offline pre-board exams is being considered.

However, there is a clear division of opinion on whether to include class 10th board exam results or not. Thus, parents and principals from different places hold varied views and are stuck in a tussle. Rajpal Singh, the principal of Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya, says that equal weightage should be given to Class 10th, 11th, and 12th results. So, he suggests that the evaluation process should incorporate marks from all crucial school years. He adds that evaluation based on the 12th assessment results is not justified.

Class 12th students have mostly attended online classes and given online pre-boards. Thus, they didn’t get a chance to perform to their full potential. Keeping in mind their emotional and mental well-being, all differences in performance can be evened out by including class 10th results. Many parents agree with Singh’s opinion as the 10th board is a public exam too.


Counter-arguments against including 10th results for evaluation:

Suruchi Gandhi, principal of Bal Bharti School says that including 10th board results makes no sense. Specialized courses and opted subjects should only be considered while evaluating which is not a case in class 10th. Thus class 12th students should only be marked based on 11th and 12th marks that include their chosen subjects.



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