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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has given an opt-out facility for aspirants applying for the CA November 2020 exam. This decision was taken due to a large number of students’ requests and COVID-19 security reasons.

By choosing the opt-out option, students can take their candidature, application fee, and other details to the second half of January 2021 or the first half of February 2021 cycle-II. The full CA exam schedule of 2020 will be published in December 2020.

If you want to know who Can Apply for CA Exam 2020 Opt-out facility? Then it should be noted that the opt-out scheme will be available to the students only when they fulfill the following conditions at any time till the conclusion of the examination:

They must currently be COVID positive or have symptoms, Their family members or people living with them are COVID-19 positive or can be COVID-19 positive also If their area of residence is declared as a container area by the Central Government / State Government / Local Authorities

As per the new flexible selections, if the student has appeared for a paper in a particular group and wants to opt-out due to the reasons stated above, they will have to appear for all the papers in their group in the next exam cycle. Some papers of the same group will not be allowed to be transferred.

However, if the student appeared for all the question papers of one group and was selected for the other group, then the group for which he appeared would be fully considered and the student could write in another in the next examination cycle.

Students falling under the op-out conditions will be allowed to appear in the May 2021 examinations, exiting the November 2020 examination. In this case, they have to fill a new examination form and apply for the May 2021 examination at the relevant time.

Examination fees will be adjusted for these students and only some different fees will be charged. If they apply for one group in the November 2020 examination and wish to appear for both groups for the cycle of the May 2021 exam, a differential fee will be charged.





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