St Kitts and Nevis is an island in the Caribbean and is the go-to place for people seeking dual citizenship.

Dual citizenship has become an important factor for people looking to preserve their wealth or secure their future. St Kitts and Nevis have a solid program that provides a second passport for interested parties.

St Kitts has made it so easy for people to become citizens through their citizen by investment program. If you’re wondering what makes this small island so special and why you should be jumping on their citizen by investment program, read on.

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    Favorable Tax Benefits

With the rise in taxation among countries of the world, it is increasingly important to consider the tax structure of any country you’re considering.

St Kitts understands this and that is why they have one of the best tax structures. There is no income tax, no inheritance tax, no gift tax, no capital gains or dividends tax and even property tax are very low.

These task benefits allow you to save even more money.

  • Visa-Free Travel

A St Kitts passport will allow you to travel visa-free to over 140 different countries including the UK and all Schengen countries. You also get to enjoy long-term visas to the USA and Canada.

This is especially important for citizens of countries with poor passports. St Kitts passport can serve as a gateway to the world for you.

  • Own a Caribbean Real Estate

This citizenship program lets you own a piece of real estate in one of the fastest-growing regions and tourism locations in the world. Even though this is part of the requirements to gaining a second passport from St Kitts, it is also an opportunity to make money on your investment.

You make between 5 to 12% return on investment yearly and you can decide to sell off the property after 5 years to another applicant and still keep your citizenship. Isn’t that great?

  • You’re Not Required to Live in the Country

While most countries require you to stay in their countries for a particular number of days to keep your citizenship, St Kitts and Nevis do not require you to stay in the country.

You don’t even have to visit the country in a full year. This gives you the freedom to live anywhere in the world while doing your business without being forced to stay in St Kitts.

  • Beautiful Environment and Relaxed Pace of Life

Even though you’re not required to stay in St Kitts for any number of days to keep your citizenship, you’ll want to with the quality of life in this country.

It is a beautiful country with less than 100,000 inhabitants which contributes to its relaxed and calm pace of life. If you’re looking for a place away from the fast-paced, hectic environment of bigger countries, you’ll love the environment of St Kitts and Nevis.

  • No Work Permit Necessary and Better Job Opportunities for Professionals

Owners of St Kitts passports do not need to obtain a work permit to start working in St Kitts. Obtaining a work permit is an otherwise stressful and rigorous application and owning a passport will save you all that stress.

St Kitts also has favorable working conditions and job opportunities for professionals especially those in the education sector.

Even professionals in the private sector get to enjoy private healthcare packages that extend to their families – this alongside the beautiful environment and tax-free income make it even enticing to live and work on this small Caribbean island.

  • Fast Processing Time

You don’t have to wait for ages to get your citizenship approved with the accelerated procedure. It will take anything from 45 days to 60 days to complete. The normal procedure however takes between 4 to 6 months to get approved.

The accelerated procedure gets you your citizenship fast for any plans you may have.

  • Complete Confidentiality

With the citizen by investment program, you are guaranteed full confidentiality as St Kitts will not share your details or information including your assets with third parties.

This is especially important for people looking to live private lives as even your participation in the investment program is protected.



Being the first country to introduce citizen by investment program in 1984, St Kitts and Nevis have gone on to become the go-to country for people seeking a second passport.

If this is you, you’ll gain a lot by getting a second passport from this Caribbean island.


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