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If you are a student and you have a start-up idea in your mind but have been discouraged by family or friends to wait for some time or some other reason. Bangalore is said to an ideal place for start-ups although if your idea is good enough the place hardly matters. All one needs knowledge so that one’s start-up is a success. Don’t worry one can start a business while in college. There can be success or failure while one is starting a start-up which obviously I have also seen. Through these failures and successes, I have learnt valuable experience which can be helpful for you.

 1. Step out of the start-up idea chapter:

We have so many sleepless nights while thinking of innumerable possibilities of the start-up ideas one has. The main problem with this is that we over think all the possibilities of the idea and not of how to implement the idea. Here is what you can do to move from idea stage to execution.

If your idea is good enough then just take a piece of paper write down your start-up idea, concept, or even a simple business plan with the required expectation like the user you want to target, revenue cost and your sources and the challenges one can face including technical challenges etc.

2. Take advantage of your college:

When you are a student you get many resources like mentors, software, campus etc. these resources student start up

pen a window for your startup without much difficulty. Many universities have their own entrepreneurship cells to provide guidance in making your business plan. Also one can participate in competitions regarding business plan so as to get feedbacks and earn your first investment. Even students can be your initial clients.

3. Step out of your campus also:

One can have a great knowledge when one intern at their favourite start-ups like Paytm, Zomato etc. This will help you to know the market, sale process and stakeholders before you do your own start-up. You just need an ability to learn and try to understand how a startup really works.

students start up4. Always remember teamwork:

It is always better when two people work together. Everyone knows two is better than one. It can be your friend, your family members etc. also one has to learn how to work in a team as one requires a team to be successful and not be egoistic.

5. Prepare for implementation of plan

You can make a minimum requirement list. It can contain all the required technology, software, resources, expenditure and team members etc. you have to detail out the process through which you will follow your action plan. For initial stage, You can start with a minimum number of activities and then you can expand it to other activities you want. You also can see if any registration is required for the idea like MSME Registration or Udyog aadhar registration for the new business.

6. Implementation of Idea

There are many people who have an awesome startup idea but they resist and do not go for implementation. One has to try all elements which are necessary to be tested so as for making this idea successful. Doing it is not so easy. One has to make a good word for the marketing and make good connections so that there is good marketing of your idea. One can even persuade his/her friends to spread a word in the social media.

7. Investment and revenue:

You have to focus on your idea and work. Do not fall into the fake investment deals in the news. One can either build the idea and then revenue can come later or bootstrapping. Either way, it depends on your business and the customers.  You can also see the example of companies like Basecamp, Zoho etc. where these have become valuable start-up without any huge investments.

8. Technology and design:

Everyone loves new technology and designs. So your idea or its development should be up-to-date. This can be done by taking suggestions from your designer, developer while the sales, ideas and customer interaction. This can, in turn, make your idea more elegant and user-friendly.

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9. Be ready to face failure:

Don’t be scared of failure as one is like to fail than succeed. If you fail that does not mean that it is the end but it means that your story has just begun. You learn from failures. You can learn from your mistakes and acquire the required skills and this will lead to ultimate success.

These tips might just help to think through your ideas and hope leads you to ultimate success. You can also read other blog and success stories so as to know what you have to do.

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