Civil Aviation Ministry on Wednesday announced the resumption of domestic flights from May 25. Later on Thursday, it issued the detailed guidelines to be fooled by all the airlines, airports, passengers, and the other stakeholders. The guidelines cover all the issues ranging from airways travel fairs to restrictions on weight and quantity of luggage. 

In these crucial times, the ministry has taken charge to decide the upper and lower limits of air travel fairs, and all the airlines are compelled to follow it until the situation gets stable.

As per the guidelines, the passengers can avail the boarding passes only through web check-in. For the luggage checking, passengers are required to download the baggage tags online, which limits to carrying one bag and a handbag per passenger.


Table of Contents

Detailed Guidelines for the flyers


The Union Home Ministry has issued specific guidelines for the flyers. Here’s what all changes you as a flyer has to administer:


  • About 1/3rd operations would be permitted on the day of commencement.
  • Susceptible people such as pregnant ladies, aged senior citizens, or passengers with health problems are advised to avoid travel.
  • At the airport, the passengers will not be allowed for any check-in at the airport counter. Only the passengers who have already done web check-in will be allowed to enter the airport.
  • As per the Ministry’s guidelines, airports are compelled to follow the lower and upper limits granted by the Civil Aviation Ministry for the time being.
  • Aarogya Setu App status will be considered to make sure that the passenger is not having Coronavirus symptoms. If the app marks the status as red, the passenger will not be allowed to travel.
  • It will be mandatory for all the passengers to cover their faces with a facemask. No individual will be allowed to enter the airport without the facemask.
  • The airlines will not be proving any food items during the journey.
  • Full protective suits are mandatory for all the members working in the cabin crew.
  • Passengers are allowed to check-in only one bag.
  • During the flight, no magazine it newspaper will be provided in the airplane by the airlines.
  • Passengers are advised to make the minimum use of baggage and trolleys.
  • A passenger must check-in to the airport at least two hours before the flight timing.


1) Guidelines to be followed while traveling from Origin to the Airport


Passengers are advised to go through the guidelines and get familiar with it before beginning the journey. Passengers must note that the check-in process at the airport will take consume time to deliver a smooth and safe travel experience. Passengers are requested to leave early for the airport to avoid any trouble.

It is mandatory for the passengers to checking online and not forget to obtain their boarding passes with them. Baggage tag/ baggage identification number is a must for the passengers to download and carry it with them.

Before entering the terminal, passengers shall make sure to wear their safety gear to prevent themselves from catching an infection. A passenger is required to wear the mask throughout the voyage.

As per the guideline of the Ministry of Home Affairs, passengers must travel in an authorized taxi or in a vehicle of their own.

It is mandatory for all the passengers to show their status on the Aarogya Setu Application.

If a person who has been not permitted to travel, takes the air journey, he/she will be penalized for this action.

It is the responsibility of the airlines to make sure that a person is permitted to travel and the boarding pass is issued to an individual only after the fulfillment of the above guidelines.

If a passenger gorget to obtain the baggage tag, the name of the person should be written in bold letters on a price of paper and should be stick on his/her bag.


2) Guidelines do be followed at the airport

A) Entry Gate

A passenger must wear a face mask as he steps out of his vehicle. Passengers are asked to carry all the required documents/s-documents to prevent them from having any inconvenience. A passenger cannot take off his mask throughout the journey.


After reaching the airport, passengers have to walk into the frontcourt area and reach the entry gate to process the thermal screening process.


The designated staff at the airport will conduct the thermal screening test of the passengers. Here, the staff members will check and record the temperature of the people. The status of the Aarogya Setu app will be further considered for the test.


In case the passenger does not have the Aarogya Setu app on their phones, they will be asked to reach a center at the airport to download the app. The children below four years are exempted from this guideline.


The passenger is then required to reach the CISF counter near the entry checkpoint. At the counter, the passenger will be asked to show their identity card, e-boarding pass/ print out of the boarding pass to the staff member present at the counter.

After this, the passenger can move to the luggage drop counter at the airport.

At the luggage drop counter, the passenger is required to show his PNR and the identification.   The passenger is then asked to show the printout of his PNR. After verifying the identity card and the boarding list, the staff member will then allow the passenger to proceed in.

After the identification, the staff member will print the luggage rag and stuck it to the bag and take the bag in. After that an electronic receipt will be sent to the passenger’s mobile number through an SMS.

Passengers are obliged to stick to the single bag policy as per the guidelines.

Passengers are required to maintain social distancing at the airport which will be simplified by the airport by the way of markings in the form of circles, squares, or tensor barriers.

It has been made compulsory to complete the check-in procedure a sixty-minute ahead of the departure of the flight.


Security staff are required to make the minimal practice of touch and should focus on reducing physical contact. Passengers are requested to cooperate with the security staff present at the airport to ensure their fatty and security.

Security Hold areas

Security Hold areas at the airport consist of Longe, Prayer Room, Kids Play Room Area, etc.

Only after the security screening, the passengers are allowed to enter into the Security Hold Areas.

Sanitation protocol and social distancing should be maintained in the Security Hold Areas. “Not For Use” marked chairs should not be brought into use.

The concept of social distancing should be kept in mind while going around retails shops. Passengers should maintain hygiene and also sanitize their hands frequently.

Yellow Colored Disposable bins and bags will be placed in and around the airport.  Passenger A should throw their used masks and other used safety and sanctuary gears in the yellow Colored bins.

While Boarding

Three-layered surgical masks, face shields, and sanitizers will be provided by the airlines inside the airport. Passengers are required to collect the safety kit from the airlines near the boarding gate. Passengers will be required to wear the mask, face shield, and use the sanitizer before heading for the boarding test.

Self-scanning of E-boarding pass will be done at check-in of the boarding pass.

At the boarding gale, passengers will be required to exhibit an ID card to the airline staff member.

During the flight, in the aircraft

Face interaction should be avoided during the flight. Passengers are required to maintain hygiene and sanitation throughout the flight.

No meal will be served during the flight inside the aircraft. It is to be noted that water bottles will be available in the gallery area or on the sides of the seats.

Consumption of all the beatable items will be prohibited inside the aircraft.

No magazine or paper will be made available in the aircraft.

In case a passenger starts feeling fatigued or uncomfortable, he/she should immediately bring this up to the notice of staff members.


 4) Guidelines from Airport to Destination


  • At the time when the place reaches its destination, passengers are requested to follow their ID structure and di not rush to take an exit.
  • Passengers should continue to maintain social distance while getting down the plane.
  • No sharing of the rollers near the arrival area should be permitted.
  • Passengers in transit will not be allowed to move out of ten transit area.
  • Only the authorized cabs should be brought into use while leaving the airport premises.
  • After reaching the destination place, the passenger will be allowed to leave only after filling all the health and admiration protocols.



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