Educational institute campus is really one of the most happening places in the world! Students roaming around, discussions about lectures, admissions, submissions, and latest updates, teachers speeding towards their classes to finish up their syllabus, and lots of stuff! All these vibrant things make the environment lively and fascinating. Along with these fascinating things, there are some loopholes that may make this picture imperfect. Students facing issues while admission inquiry, hassles in paying fees, incomplete or unauthorized updates, and others may ruin the essence of the environment. To address these issues, India’s leading EdTech provider Vidyalaya launched Campus ERP Software!

The market is flooded with so many school campus software products and it is obvious which one to choose. And here the domain experience matters! Vidyalaya is one of the pioneer names of India’s as well as the global EdTech sector which is known for its decade of domain experience. The success continues with an almost 99% customer satisfaction rate with 1400+ school associations. These figures are enough to tell how thoroughly Vidyalaya identifies the market needs and releases the products as per the requirements that are fit for today and tomorrow. Your perfect technology partner will accompany you on this challenging journey and will make the road hassle-free with its award-winning products. Vidyalaya aces in it! Let me tell you about how Vidyalaya’s campus management software can streamline your campus activities.

Campus management software automates the administration and management of educational institutes and reduces resource usage significantly. It ensures a paperless campus, including hostel, examination, accounts, and others and brings more efficiency in the processes. All stakeholders- students, teachers, parents, school admin can use this interface to have improved communication and a centralized system can be a one-stop solution for various processes like admission management, biometric attendance software,  fee management, transport, hostel, event, and others.

Going ahead, EdTech software has already launched mobile versions of the school management system. Institutes are insisting on a comprehensive school app so that each stakeholder can access the system even from their smartphones. Campus management software is an integral part of modern school app.

Here are the benefits of having a School Mobile app with integrated campus management module:

  • Make error-free data entry through user-friendly and intuitive user interface.
  • Improved communication between all stakeholders through a common platform.
  • Real-time notifications to stakeholders’ registered mobile numbers and get authorized updates.
  • Saving natural resources as all processes are carried out digitally and significant time is saved.
  • Higher security for online payments, data, and application
  • Multi-campus management
  • Affordable option as compared to manual counterpart
  • Can be easily customized to fulfil user-specific requirements.
  • Can be integrated with other existing software like accounting software, GPS, and others.
  • Standard and easy reports with predictive analysis.
  • Can be a link between students and school administration.

After reading these pros of campus management software, one is likely to have it on campus. Here is a list of checklists that may be useful for you while selecting the perfect campus management system:

  • Do a thorough market study and try out different demos.
  • Check the background of the partner, especially the customer service reviews.
  • Make it specific when it comes to requirements instead of going generic.
  • Ensure all requirements are getting fulfilled and your system will become enhanced in terms of productivity, efficiency, and innovation after implementation.
  • Smooth interface with existing systems.

Education sector has revolutionised from classroom-led to virtual classes and from paper-based notices to school app notifications. This transition is the need for the hour and technological advancements are playing their roles very well to keep the institutes sustainable and progressing. Technology partners like Vidyalaya School Software smoothens this transition with its expertise and products like Campus ERP aids in both academic and non-academic management and makes the entire communication hassle-free. Make your school campus ready for tomorrow and offer your students a futuristic campus!


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