Getting into Delhi University is like a dream come true for many. Often in this emotional roller coaster, we hustle in keeping up to date. Moreover, if you are an outstation student then ‘Best places to eat in Delhi’ or ‘Best places to visit in Delhi’ will be surely in your search lists.

In the constant dilemma of information overload and FOMO (fear of missing out), we tend to struggle in following the recent developments and trends of Delhi University. We are here with a magic wand and make your lives a bit easier!

These Instagram pages simplify the lives of the students. From the best street food to exotic cafes, you can find the answer to your cravings. You can follow the fashion styles which can make you feel confident and comfortable. Moreover, these pages will make sure that you don’t miss out on any fest, event, competition, politics, or any gossip of the Delhi University.

So, if you recently joined Delhi University or have been there a while now, you must check out these six informational, trending, and pleasing Instagram pages. They will help you experience the city as you have never before. Don’t miss out on any happening and follow these Instagram accounts.


1. DU Beat

DU beat

It is the largest independent student newspaper which started in 2007. It has come a long way in raising student issues and views and reporting news about the Delhi University.
DU beat has received an exceptionally well response from the students of Delhi University. The print edition is distributed in 20 colleges and the online edition attracts a large number of audiences. The last year was fully dependent on the online edition for reach and disseminating information. The independent newspaper did an amazing job in keeping the students up to date on the recent happenings.

2. DU Express

du express


It is another campus publication that aims to provide the students of Delhi University with all the information, recent developments of the university.

It provides a platform for the students to express and voice their opinions. If you can find general interest articles, memes to have a good laugh, DU news, and almost everything about the Delhi University. Check out their Instagram page if they are hiring and be a part of the organization.

3. So Delhi

so delhi

This pleasing page gives you handpicked recommendations of what to do in the capital city. You can explore hidden gems, exotic restaurants, cozy cafes, and drooling street food.
The amazing team consists of a growing community of local experts who research and explore content on events, shopping, fashion, sightseeing, food, travel, and everything and anything about Delhi.

So, leave the tension of making weekend plans or surfing sites for that perfect romantic evening. You can find their expert recommendations and can save, share and make the places you want to visit delicacies you want to taste, and adventures you want to take.

4. Internshala


Internshala is marked as the number 1 internship and training platform. You can find paid or unpaid internships in almost every field like engineering, media, Law, design, arts, etc.
The platform is a go-to page for all college students and provides more than 40,000 internships in various sectors. In the 10-year journey, Internshala is now a community of more than 1 lakh employers, and 54 lakh students and still counting.

The 2020 year saw an increase in students applying for internships and it provided a lot of work from home options. If you are looking for internships, you know where to go!

5. StreetstyleDelhi


Do you want to know what is Delhi wearing today? Then check out the Instagram page of Street Style Delhi where you can get stories on style and culture by Aliya.

She captures the street style of Delhi and tells you what the people are wearing. This wholesome page is full of smiles, stories, and pretty dresses. And yes, I know you just dreamt of being spotted by Aliya and get featured on her page because of same babe same!



6. Delhi Bhukkad

delhi bhukkadh

We have finally arrived at my favorite part, food. Delhi is famous for the huge variety of food items made here. The page captures everything from the gems of the street to 5-star restaurants of Delhi.

The page will leave you drooling over those dishes.


Do not forget to follow your beloved DU Updates! Get news about anything and everything about Delhi university and so much more. Wait not just that, we provide you with general interest articles, reviews curated with a lot of effort, love, and research.

If you are a Delhi University student and you want to get updates about all the happenings in Delhi University then click on the link below!

**The above list is not a Ranking 🙂



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