WhatsApp New Feature: Users Can Use It on Multiple Phones Simultaneously 

WhatsApp new feature
Source: 91Mobiles

A most used platform, WhatsApp has introduced a WhatsApp new feature that will let users operate the app on multiple phones simultaneously. This feature has started rolling out around the world and all users can use it in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp announced that they are improving their multi-device offering. And this feature will soon be introduced to all smartphone users. According to Meta, this is the most demanded feature by users. 

Users will be allowed to link their phones and WhatsApp can operate on a maximum of five devices. Also, the linking process is similar to users’ link WhatsApp on web browsers or desktops or tablets. 

Whatsapp Will Log Out From Devices If Device Remain Inactive

Further, the personal messages, media and calls remain end-to-end encrypted. And every linked or connected phone will run WhatsApp independently. However, in case the primary device stays inactive for a long period, WhatsApp will log out of all connected devices. 

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Besides, linking devices will provide ease to users if some users want to switch between phones. They can easily operate WhatsApp new feature without signing out from the previous one. Also, as per WhatsApp, it will assist small business owners and employers to easily reply to customers from their phones.

WhatsApp said, “Users can enter their phone number on WhatsApp web to receive a one-time code, with which they can use on their phone to link the device. There will be no need to scan a QR code again and again. We are looking forward to introduce this feature to more companion devices in the coming days.”






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