Crafting User Experiences: The UX Designer’s Insight

UX Designer

Crafting User Experiences: The UX Designer’s Insight

UX Designer or the user experience is a profession in the tech industry. They are mainly involved in creating a design for a website or an application.

The UX (user experience) industry is expanding at a rapid pace right now and is essential to product development. However, its function remains a mystery to many (even CEOs and managers) because of its relative newness.

UX Designer takes on the task of improving user satisfaction with a product by making its usability, accessibility, and interaction better.

It brings together traditional human–computer interaction design and looks at improving all areas of user experience with a product or service.

It is a new profession just introduced in the industry a few years back. Thus, many people don’t have a clear idea about this career field. But now it is one of the best careers in the tech industry. Every small and big company hires a UX Designer.

User experience design Or UX Designer is the process of defining the experience a user would go through when interacting with a digital product or website.

Design decisions in UX design are often driven by research, data analysis, and test results rather than aesthetic preferences and opinions.


Role of a UX Designer

UX designers take the lead role in improving the end user’s main needs and try to produce a product that makes its audience happy. This in turn leads to a healthy return on investment and helps to support a growing business or organization.

Whether a UX designer is managing a large team or working solo, the user experience process itself remains the same and generally works in the same order.

A UX designer is responsible for this entire process of design and its execution.

However, larger companies typically break this role down into a few, smaller roles that focus entirely on one specific section. There are also more generic skills that are required to be an effective UX designer such as leadership, communication, project management, and being able to demonstrate data to team members.

Here is a complete detail of the work responsibility of different parts of UX design:

>>>User research is every UX designer’s starting point for a UX design project. It involves speaking to real users within the target market about the product, therefore avoiding assumptions and instead making information-driven decisions.

UX designers will ask questions about how people feel when they are navigating a current design, and whether the user interface components are easy or difficult to interact with.

Certain methods can be used for this part of the process, such as questionnaires, focus group discussions, online surveys, and task analysis. This collected data is deeply analyzed and eventually converted into quantitative and qualitative information which will be used for decision making. Then comes the main design part.

>>>Design involves thinking about how the product/service can adapt to how the customer already behaves (this is discerned by user research).

The design of the product is centered around functionality and usability, and not about how it looks. During this phase the following techniques to design the user’s journey are used: information architecture, wire-framing, and prototyping.

>>>>Testing involves checking that the changes made during the design phase stand up to scrutiny.

This is a great way to get rid of issues or user difficulties that weren’t visible in the design phase before getting started on the implementation phase. There are various testing methods, such as a/b testing, usability testing, and remote user testing.

>>>Implementation involves working intimately with web developers to reach the end goal. Web developers work to transform design ideas into a real, working website.

It is important to keep the developers in the loop throughout the process to make this final phase easier for everyone involved.

These are the work roles and detailed responsibilities of a UX designer. A UX designer does this process daily in their workplace, whether they are on any or doing their start-up.

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The average salary of a UX Designer In India:

The salary of a UX designer differs based on the company they are working for. Moreover, they are paid depending on their skills and experience they are having. In this industry, none pays attention to the degree you have.  Every company only checks out that if you have having required skills or not. Below is the average salary of a ux designer in India:


Here is an average salary based on many salaries in India. As you can see the salary ranges from 200k Rs up to 1.4M Rs. But it can be much more if you have a great skill in this sector. Otherwise, if you start your own business then your salary will only depend on the revenue amount.


What is the workplace of a UX Designer like?

The number of businesses taking on UX designers is looking to significantly increase over the next decade, as more and more companies realize the value, they bring to both the customer and the business. An individual’s strengths should determine what the best place of employment will be. For example:


>>If you enjoy being involved in every detail of the user experience process, then a start-up may be the right fit for you. This, of course, would entail more responsibility and learning everything from scratch.

>>If you enjoy one particular part of user experience design, for example, testing, then working with a team at a larger corporation could be a good match.

>>If you like looking at the bigger picture and overseeing a project, then working at a larger corporation managing a user experience team could be the place you feel most comfortable.

It depends on where you work and what you choose to work about. It depends on your strength and determination.

A UX designer works in an office in a cubicle. Sitting there they make great designs and help us to interact with the software or the webpage. It is not that stressful a job compared to other careers. It is very relaxing in your workplace. But sometimes a bad deadline might give you some stress. Though it is quite manageable during working days.


Why should I pursue a career as a UX Designer?

UX design may be a good fit if you aspire to a creative and analytical position, a decent salary, long-term job security, a chance to branch out skill-wise, the possibility of freelancing, or just the chance to do some meaningful work that makes the world a better place.

At first, you will not have any issues regarding job security as it is a demanding skill nowadays. But you should also have good skills to get the job.

Then the pay package in India and almost every country is much more. In your UX design career, you will use your logical side to create practical solutions for users’ needs.

Practicality is not enough, however; the solutions also have to be creative and not just in terms of aesthetics, but in terms of functionality and usability also.

So, if you are a creative person then it should be a perfect career choice for you and you will also end up doing something great in the industry.

Skills to be a UX Designer:

If one wants to pursue a career in the field of UX design they need to have some perfect skills to gain a good package and perfect job for themselves. Below are some basic skills one should have:

>>Research: To effectively perform their jobs, UX designers must understand what their audiences want and how they view the world.

>>Information Architecture



>>Visual Communication

>> Creative design and able to make different styles

>> Basic coding will help one to get a better package

>> Decision Mapping: Like design thinking, decision mapping provides a high-level theoretical overview of how to approach and solve problems.

>>Basic Front End Coding, in terms of webpage design

These are some basic skills one must adopt or should have if one wants to make a career in the design tech industry. It is better to practice these skills while in college. Then you will get a great job with a perfect salary.

Career Path in UX Designer:

There are several directions UX designers can take their careers as they gain experience and grow their skills.

These include management, senior positions, freelancing, consulting, or becoming a UX specialist in a related field. Once one gains some experience then they will be promoted to the next level.

Then they will have an increase in the salary amount. So, after your studies, you can choose a variety of roles in UX design.

Moreover, you can choose to do freelancing also. But if you have perfect and required skills then you will get promoted easily in the company.

So, it is a common career path for a UX designer. Every organization follows its way. But most of them have similar systems for their employees.


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