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Around 9.14 crore children in the country are facing a severe water crisis, according to a report by UNICEF. By the year 2040, one in every four children in the world will be in an area suffering from severe water problems. This claim has been made in UNICEF’s worldwide report on the water crisis. According to the report, India as well as 37 countries like Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Haiti, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Tanzania Yemen have been considered hotspots of water crisis for children.

UNICEF report

More than 15.5 children are struggling with the water crisis in South Asia. According to the report, more than 58 percent of children in East and South Africa are facing water problems. At the same time, 23% of children in the Middle East, 25% in South Asia, and 31% in West and Central Africa are facing some kind of water crisis. According to statistics, the highest number of children in South Asia is 155 million.

UNICEF Report: Water crisis is not coming in the world, but has come – Henrietta Four

While publishing the report, UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Four says, “The water crisis is going to come in the world, rather the water crisis is already present in the world.” Children are facing water scarcity in more than 80 countries all over the world. Between 2001 and 2018, 74 percent of disasters occurred, due to which people all over the world had to face droughts and floods simultaneously. As a result, the children had to leave their school and fill their water after the drought occurred. Where floods occurred, only children became victims of diseases caused by contaminated water. ‘

Women around the world spend 200 million hours filling water

UNThe report also mentioned that women around the world have spent 200 million hours, 83 lakh days, and 22800 years filling water every day. At the same time, 25 percent of the groundwater is used in India alone in the world. But India is able to reuse only 2 percent of rainwater.




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