A fresh report broadcasted in London on Monday has called on the UK government to increase its post-study visa invitation to four years, a move it foresees could lead to a near doubling of Indian students selecting UK universities by 2024.
“Universities Open to the World: How to put the pep back in Global Britain”, readied by former UK Universities Minister Jo Johnson for the Policy Institute at King’s College London and the Harvard Kennedy School, instructs that an anticipated 50-75 percent plunge in inferential students as an outcome of the coronavirus pandemic would endanger “real vulnerabilities” in the country’s higher education sector.
An accumulation of the ability to work at the edge of a degree course and to encompass Indians in the low-risk student visa sector of countries, akin to China, would verify particularly attractive to Indian students – a group which has enrolled a strong hike in quantities choosing UK universities in current months.
It would be dramatic for the ability of our universities to go and market British higher education in India,” said Jo Johnson, the younger brother of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
who are very susceptible to whether or not they have a proficiency to stay on in the country after they graduate to put to use the skills they have developed in higher education and earn a bit of money to help them pay the pretty substantial fees that our universities charge them,” he said, adding that the UK prime minister has always been a “strong supporter” of international students and is therefore inclined to take the report’s proposals into appreciation.
The former member of parliament from the Conservative Party, who retired from politics last year, has been a long-term proponent of athletic post-study visa offers to keep the UK in line with other higher education objectives such as Australia and Canada.
Coronavirus is considering going to reduce the number of international students that are globally portable this coming year and maybe following years as well,” he explains.
His report highlights that the UK is well-positioned to capitalize on an “unmet demand from India”, which enrolled an impressive 136 percent trip in student visa numbers in the year stopping March 2020.
It demands the need for the UK to go further and also facilitate visa refines and reduce a perceived “hostile bureaucracy” around Britain’s university contribution.

Under the new rules, the UK is set to open up a new “Graduate” visa route, generally referred to as a post-study visa, for the 2020-21 input to UK universities.
It will offer worldwide students from countries like India the opportunity to switch onto a qualified work visa after two years if they discover a job that fulfills the skill regulations of the route.
The Graduate visa is constructed for overseas learners to be able to work or look for labor after finalizing their course.
The new report wants this broadened further amid attention raised by UK universities of the adverse consequence of the worldwide coronavirus lockdown, which is expected d to slam the number of higher fee-paying international students adopting courses at UK universities



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