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Delhi University recently witnessed a two-day workshop that focused on the wholesome growth of students — delving into skills beyond bookish knowledge, which was organized by the society of Centre for Socio-Economic Transformation (CSET) at Dyal Singh Evening College, it was conceptualized by Dr Bhawna Pandey, director, CSET.

The workshop, titled Because We Belong, comprised talks by eminent personalities from the fields of literature, education and academics. And, students turned up in large numbers for the sessions. “Such programs empower the students. What the youngsters can learn in a group, together with their friends and peers, they can never learn in isolation. The motive behind organizing this event was to give a real-life experience to the students,” says Pandey. On the second day, Ratna Vira, author of Daughter By Court Order, guided the students on “How to tackle bullying in college and maintain work life”, whereas Dr Vandana Saxena, associate professor, The Central Institute of Education, highlighted “The importance of setting goals, and working towards achieving them rather than giving in to the rat race”.

“Programmes like these are important because reading books isn’t sufficient. Students need to be groomed for the world outside. Hence, the workshop!” said Dr PK Sharma, principal, Dyal Singh Evening College.

-Prachi Agarwal


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