Breathing exercises
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Just hold your breath for five minutes and you will realize the importance of the lungs’ function in our body. But, we don take our breathing and lung function seriously. Our lung functions are better depicted

Moreover, Lung volumes and, lung capacities are terms of medical that define the amount of air in the lung. Our lung function and lung capacity slowly start to decrease with age. Typically, it starts decreasing in the mid-20s. Some diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) act as a catalyst in speeding the reduction. So this results in shortness in breath and difficulty in breathing.

However, there are several breathing exercises in order to keep our lungs healthy. So you can do these breathing exercises daily if you have any breathing problems or you can also follow these breathing exercises for better lung functioning.

Advantages Of Doing Breathing Exercises Daily:

A significant role of yoga or breathing exercises are fundamental since they help quiet the brain. Additionally, on the grounds that they accompany plenty of advantages, similar to these:

1. The exercises help us to detoxify our bodies.

2. The exercises increase oxygenation in our bodies.

3. They relax you when you are in stress.

4. They help us to concentrate on anything. Basically, they increase our concentration.

5. The exercise boosts our energy levels.

6. Exercise helps us to sleep better.

Some easy breathing exercises are:

1. Diaphragmatic breathing

With some support sit straight or you can lie on your back. Then you have to put your one hand on your chest while another hand on your belly. Start breathing through your nose. However, while doing this exercise you have to take care that your chest remains still and your stomach is moving outward. Release your breath slowly after 2 seconds and while releasing breath your stomach should move inwards. Repeat these steps.

2. Pursed lip breathing

Sit in a similar situation as above. Breathe in gradually through your nose and inhale out as gradually as conceivable through pressed together lips, as though sulking or going to blow on something. Moreover, this should take at any rate twice the length it did to take in. Repeat the steps.

3. Breath out with huff cough

Spot yourself in an agreeable situated position. Breathe in more profound than an ordinary breath. Additionally, with the assistance of your belly muscles blow the freshen up in three even breaths while making the voice like “ha, ha, ha.” Envision you’re blowing onto a mirror to make it steam. Repeat the steps.

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4. Simhasan

Descend down on the ground and cross your lower legs. Keep your palms in front of your knees with your fingers spread wide. Breathe in profoundly through your nose and keep your eyes all the way open.

Simultaneously, open your mouth and stick out your tongue, bringing the tip down towards your jawline. Agreement the muscles at the front of your throat and feel the breath going through it, as you breathe out through your mouth by making a long “ha” sound. Furthermore, you can accumulate to take a gander at the space between your eyebrows or the tip of your nose. Repeat the steps 2 to multiple times.

4. Anulom vilom

Sit comfortably in crossed legged position. Breathe in your first breath through the left nostril while shutting your correct one with your thumb. This is known as anuloma. Breathe out through the correct nostril while shutting the left nostril. This is known as viloma. Again breathe in through the right nostril and proceed. Recollect the proportion of motivation to termination is 1:2. Repeat the steps.

5. Rib stretch breathing

Stand upstanding and breathe out to your greatest cutoff. At that point slowly take in, filling your lungs however much as could be expected. Try to hold your breath for 10-20 seconds. Moreover, you can hold for whatever length of time that you can then breathe out. Gradually and come back to a casual position. Repeat the steps.



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