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Super 30 founder Anand Kumar is gearing up to launch an online education platform tailored for the underprivileged. Its debut will happen soon.

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Super 30 founder to launch online platform

Renowned mathematician Anand Kumar plans to build upon his Super 30 initiative. He aims to launch a new online platform. It will bring education to impoverished students’ doorsteps across India.

Kellogg India Business Conference

In his keynote speech at the 2024 Kellogg India Business Conference, he underscored the critical need to leverage current technology. It will be instrumental in expanding educational outreach to a broader spectrum of students. He emphasized the transformative potential of accessible education. He mentioned that it will shape India’s role in the global economic arena.

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At the event hosted at Northwestern University, he highlighted the need to embrace available technology. He mentioned how it will help with wider student outreach. He emphasized how Super 30 empowered underprivileged students. It catalyzes a transformative generational shift through education.

Super 30 online educational platform announced

Mr. Kumar announced the imminent launch of an online educational platform. It is aimed at bringing education directly to the homes of the disadvantaged. He reflected on the lessons learned during the pandemic. Social media was highlighted as a crucial avenue for engagement. He showcased the profound learning opportunities that adversity can present.

“In today’s world, countless talented individuals remain unseen. This is particularly seen among children living in poverty. Many possess the potential to rival Newton and Ramanujan. Limited opportunities hinder their progress. My online initiative seeks to provide them with a platform. It will help them showcase their talents and excel,” he said.

Vision for Underprivileged Education

Mr. Kumar expressed his long-standing aspiration to provide education to every underprivileged student. He emphasized the importance of extending quality education to the poorest individuals. He urged a departure from the confines of laboratories to understand poverty firsthand. Leveraging technology, he emphasized, is crucial for reaching marginalized communities worldwide. He stressed society’s responsibility to ensure equitable access to opportunities.

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“I may not be a prominent figure, merely an ordinary teacher. Yet, speaking from my heart and personal experiences, I assure you that with unwavering dedication and perseverance, you will attain your goals. Success may require more time than anticipated, but it is inevitable with consistent hard work,” he said.


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