Aftab Alam ex DUSU vice presidential candidate raised issues regarding student fee waiver in this pandemic. He raised particularly for all the students of Delhi University to give full fee waiver from those charges – the services which the student is not using in this pandemic since March 2019.

He informed, ” More than 70% of the students don’t have the money to do the cell phone’s recharge for taking online classes”. Even, there is a lot of student’s whose earning is not that much to sustain their normal life in this pandemic. We all are facing an economic crisis because of this COVID-19 pandemic.”

Fee Waiver petition already ignored 

On July 2, 2021, he filed a petition to Dean student’s welfare, and forwarded a copy of the same petition to the Chancellor of Delhi university – The vice president of India, and also forwarded the same copy to the union and delhi state education minister.
But, after going through all the official channels, he didn’t get any positive response in the student’s favor.
Finally, Aftab Alam and his team started protests in front of Central Library on university premises.

As they were following COVID-19 guidelines and protesting in a “GANDHIWADI” way. The students decided to protest with non-violence.

However, He informed that the security goons of the university started misbehaving by using abusive language with the team. They also snatched and tore placards with slogans.

Additionally, he said, “Mr. Pathak and one local guard named Rakesh acclaimed themselves as officials and started beating the protestors in front of Central Library”.

The officials asked them to go out but the students did not move. There was a heated argument between the two parties And,  ultimately, the officials called some goons in the civil dress code and used their power to throw the protesters out of the premises.

However, students were firm and they failed to move the students out of Delhi University premises.

Thereafter, Shri Krishan Kumar and security supervisor Shri. Narayan Ji requested students to meet the dean student’s welfare. But the students said that he has already denied several times to help them in this regard. Alam told that this meeting also went in vain.

Students were finally ensured to get appropriate time with a proper guarantee to meet the Dean of colleges in this regard for student’s welfare.


Student activist Aftab Alam cautioned the higher officials of the university, if they will not solve this issue within the promised time – he will start “Satyagraha” again, but now in vacant premises in front of the dean welfare.



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