Sexual Harassment Complaint filed by a DU student

Sexual Harassment Complaint
Sexual harassment word cloud

A senior teacher is the subject of a Sexual Harassment Complaint filed by female DU student, who claims to be a victim of sexual harassment. The student alleges that the senior MCJ Department teacher called her at odd hours without any academic reason. The professor made an unwanted advance. The teacher is also accused of monitoring her through CCTV. He used to show explicit sexual interest towards the student. Proctor Md Maksudur Rahman received the complaint.

Complaint Against MCJ Department Teacher:

The Professor confirmed receiving a Sexual Harassment Complaint from the victim. She was the victim of sexual harassment by a DU (Dhaka University) professor. The student highlighted various hostile behaviors. These include threats and lewd comments about physical appearance. The professor pressured her into participating in sexually charged phone conversations. Despite ignoring advances, she had the fear of repercussions. The professor’s authority in the department was one of the reasons for her being helpless. It her to endure mental distress, and insomnia, and even resort to sleeping pills.

Power Dynamics and Fear in the Department:

The victim faced immense emotional distress. She was struggling to express her pain wholly to the professor. The professor questioned her about several things. these include mental health, suggesting medical attention, leading to verbal abuse when ignored. The fear of damaging her reputation and academic setbacks intensified. It made her feel powerless against the professor’s authority. The initial harassment for romantic advances escalated into personal aggression. It caused detrimental impacts on her well-being.

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Atmosphere of Fear and Department Monitoring:

The department fostered an atmosphere of fear due to many other instances. The professors monitored students’ Facebook accounts and scrutinized discussions. Students were being warned against social media use by the professors. Professors created a sense of self-censorship and fear within the department. The accused teacher made inappropriate comments on students’ physical appearance. The victim came to know that the professor approached many students of the University. The victim called for a fair investigation to remove such teachers from the department. She sought for a fast relief from the prolonged suffering.


Legally Punishable:

It’s crucial to understand that sexual harassment is a serious offense under purview of law. The complainant, having filed a complaint against the professor has serious legal implications. Internal Complaints Committees (ICCs) should to be set up in educational institutions. These are important to address complaints of sexual harassment. It is important to ensure a fair and prompt investigation into such cases. This will be promoting a safe and secure environment for women.


In conclusion, the student faced a hostile environment. They endured sexual harassment from a professor in a position of authority. Fear and power dynamics prevented her from finding a solution. She submitted a complaint to Officer Rahman. The student demands a thorough investigation, justice, and relief from the ordeal. Adequate grievance support and mental health redressal are essential. The college needs to address such issues as soon as possible and to deliver adequate justice to her. This is the need of the hour. It is important to ensure a fair resolution for the student.


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