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Two associates working under a nodal officer of a Delhi University college who were working for the Online open book exams developed a high fever on Monday and were therefore sent to coronavirus testing center on Tuesday. The incident has scared several DU staffers who are working in the Univerity for the smooth conduct of online exams. The news has developed anxieties in the minds of DU professors over the University’s decision to conduct offline exams from 14th September. If the University conducts its offline exams from September 14, the safety and health of students and teachers will be put on stake.

Apart from safety, outstation students are also concerned about their lodging and food facility. While the Delhi based students fear the traveling via Delhi Metro or other public transport. The nodal officer whose attendants tested positive said which teacher or staff will willfully come and work in the college. The nodal officer has also quarantined himself. He asserted that offline exams will unnecessarily compromise the student’s health.

Dean of colleges (DU), Balram Pani conceded the issues and said that the dean of exams and the legal cell will soon go through the directions issued by the court and a notification will be issued soon. He added that many students might not travel to Delhi in the COVID situation and also they might find it difficult to find accommodation.


Since the majority of the students who will appear for offline exams are disabled students, who could not appear for OBE. This has therefore made the conduct of offline exams tougher. A student of St Stephens college, Suyansh Agarwal, said that the University was at a loss to arrange scribes for them, now how the University except us to make arrangements for scribes and visit Delhi. He questioned that will the University hostels be opened for them.

Reopening Hostel Facility will increase the Risk for DU Staff

The principal of Ramjas College, Manoj Khanna made it clear and said, the college will not be able to provide hostel facilities as the hostels are under work. Another DU principal added, that reopening of the hostel facility will mean opening mess and other facilities as well. He added that this will require to call their staff back on duty which will increase the risk of infection to them.

Offline exams – A Challenging Task

SGTB Khalsa College principal said if the exams will be conducted, DU colleges will have to ensure proper social distancing and also that all the students wear masks. Ensuring sanitizing and safety for 63 DU colleges will be a challenging task.

While Rajesh Jha, DU executive council member said that it will be unjust to conduct offline exams under invigilation when one set of students appeared for online open-book exams.


Another chance for Students who failed to submit their OBE sheets

When asked about whether the students who appeared for OBE but could not submit their sheets will be provided the opportunity to appear for offline exams. Pankaj Raj, Rajdhani College Principal said no information has been provided regarding this matter. He asserted that it will be unjust to other students if the second chance of appearing in offline exams will be provided to some students.


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