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Download PlayerzPot fantasy APK latest version for Android

PlayerzPot app – is an accessible and convenient utility for fantasy sports in which you can enjoy a variety of cool and rare events. The interface of the software is as convenient and intuitive as possible, which is actually what made the service so popular. The PlayerzPot APK has an average of two million simultaneous online players, so this platform can be considered quite competitive. You will definitely not get bored here!

With many different fantasy sports options, including cricket, soccer, hockey, basketball and kabaddi, you have room to run wild. You can even create private leagues just to compete with your friends to see whose fantasy team is stronger and cooler. PlayerzPot app, remarkably, has a progressive scoring system that will satisfy even the most fastidious player.

When you look closely at the activities of this company, it becomes immediately clear that the administration of the service has put simply titanic efforts to make their brainchild as convenient and competitive as possible. This is a very young company, but nevertheless, it has already managed to make a lot of noise and noise in many Indian communities of gamers. With the help of PlayerzPot, you can become the most real professional in the field of sports in India. You can really easily tighten up your knowledge regarding sports and players here, if you complete the PlayerzPot app download.

Since its creation in 2015, PlayerzPot has become one of the most popular places where you can create your own fantasy team and win it for residents of India. The fact that the utility focuses not only on fantasy sports, but also on real matches, gives PlayerzPot app a significant advantage over its competitors in as many ways. Moreover, it is not obvious that the software developers are going to stop and stop developing their brainchild. According to the road map, for example, by 2023 it is planned to add another 50 games.

How do I make my first team here?

Building your team on PlayerzPot app is probably the hardest part. But it’s also the most fun at the same time. Purely technically creating a team is easy, but figuring out which players to take can be really difficult.

Here are some general tips to help you figure out how to create a cool fantasy team in the PlayerzPot app that will bring you money and success as quickly as possible:

  • Always research all players in detail – don’t hesitate to google information if you’re unsure about something.
  • Don’t get attached to your favorites. Sure, it may be good to have favorites, but it can really cloud your objectivity, and lead to a string of upsetting losses.
  • Listen to your gut, but always build a team by thinking carefully about how it can perform. Try to make timely adjustments. Keeping track of your team’s progress is very helpful.
  • Don’t be afraid to make changes even at the last minute.
  • Create more than one team in the PlayerzPot app. This will help you participate in several events at the same time. It may be a bit of a management burden, of course, but it is well worth it.
  • Try to choose the right captain, because a lot depends on him in the PlayerzPot app.

Steps to download PlayerzPot latest fantasy APK for Android

You will be able to install PlayerzPot download APK round the clock without encountering any small problems. The process is identical to downloading any other casino or betting application. The device requirements for this utility are about the following:

  • Internet speed of at least 1 Mb/s;
  • At least 1 GB of RAM;
  • An Android version of at least 4.0.

These requirements are not considered special and apply to all models of modern smartphones or tablets. Universal client of the PlayerzPot app extends the horizons and allows you to use the entire functionality of the PlayerzPot app, namely:

  • Keep up with updates and innovations in sports and virtual team building in the PlayerzPot app;
  • Deposit and withdraw money from your account of the PlayerzPot app;
  • Use the Bonuses, free expert advice, view the top players and monitor your progress through the ladder in the PlayerzPot app;


Creating an account to play soccer, kabaddi or other fantasy sports with the PlayerzPot app is easy. You’ll be required to fill out your information, starting with your cell phone number. You will also need to enter your email and come up with a password and login, which you will then use to log into the utility. You can also log in to PlayerzPot fantasy app download through some social network, which is really handy. You can find a full list of them in the signup menu.

Once you confirm your account in the PlayerzPot app, you’ll be able to access bonuses, participate in quizzes, and earn money by forming fantasy teams.

Key Features of PlayerzPot APK

This very utility has many obvious pluses. For example, the interface of the utility is as neat, stylish and very smooth as possible. Other pluses include:

  • Availability for both iOS and Android users.
  • Extremely fast withdrawal of funds – usually the money comes to your balance within a day in the PlayerzPot app. In some cases, of course, the withdrawal can last up to three days, but such things are more of an exception to the rule.
  • A large number of different sports in the PlayerzPot app- from soccer to cricket.
  • A good selection of bonuses and promotions in the PlayerzPot app- you are sure to find the perfect tip for your gaming preferences or objectives.
  • Referral bonus – in the PlayerzPot app you have the opportunity to earn not only with fantasy commands, but also with the help of your friends. In the sense that you can invite them to use the utility with a special link.

The minuses of the PlayerzPot app are actually really few. Out of something pressing, the only one that players mention is that the hotline in the PlayerzPot app, strange as it may seem, is not round the clock. If you have a problem with a game in the middle of the night, you’ll probably have to wait until morning. There is also no live chat in the PlayerzPot app – in fact, you can ask for help except via email.


What is fantastic about the PlayerzPot app is the fact that the local administration allows you to make deposits from a really large number of different services. It can be both standard methods, which many people in India are used to – like bank cards and Paytm service, and something quite exotic like electronic payment systems, which are the most popular in European and American countries – Skrill, Neteller, etc. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of paying with popular cryptocurrency in the app. Deposit processes happen immediately, allowing you to pay and enter any of the various leagues of the PlayerzPot app.

Withdrawing money 

Once you’ve earned enough money by participating in leagues, ladders, and other modes, you can withdraw it from the PlayerzPot app. In order to withdraw the accumulated funds, you just need to go to the relevant section and click on the “Withdraw” button that is located in the PlayerzPot app.

Then you’ll have to enter the amount you want to cash out and confirm the operation in the PlayerzPot app. It’s worth noticing that your account has to be verified in order for you to withdraw funds from the PlayerzPot app.

Here is an example that will shed some light on withdrawals:

You, for example, have an amount above Rs 2,000 – which means you have to pay a 1.5% fee if you withdraw to Paytm. Why Paytm? Because it is one of the most convenient and practical electronic services to conduct money transactions in the PlayerzPot app. As for the service fee – the app simply does not have it. Yes, you heard right! Except that for immediate withdrawal you will need to pay a 2% commission on the entire amount to be withdrawn from the PlayerzPot app.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 150 rupees and the maximum is 15 thousand rupees. You can use credit and debit cards from leading Indian banks to make money transactions.


Is the PlayerzPot app safe?

Yes, absolutely. It’s absolutely legal to PlayerzPot download in India. But it is worth saying that although it is possible to create virtual teams in most states of India, there are still a few regions that consider this activity illegal.

This is because Indian law recognizes that fantasy sports is actually a game based on skill, not luck. If you live in a state like Assam or Sikkim, you can still do fantasy sports, but you can’t play for real money. So it’s important that you check your state’s laws before you download PlayerzPot.

As for viruses – you can download the app with peace of mind if you do it from a normal site. It will be free of viruses and malware.

Why does PlayerzPot APK require Android app permission to download?

The fact is that Google’s policy is that this company wants you to download software only from Play Market. That’s why Google prohibits downloading utilities from unknown sources by standard. You can easily get rid of this artificial restriction if you find in the settings the option responsible for working with content from the Internet. Just let your smartphone or tablet process the files and that’s it.

How do I sign up for the PlayerzPot app?

This can be done very easily, as the registration instructions will pop up on your screen. You just have to download the app and click on the “Sign Up” button and follow the instructions.



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