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The University of Delhi which have been recognized as Institute of Eminence by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD),  has recently issued a notice, inviting the research proposals from researchers/ academics/ practitioners/ analyst/ policymakers and any other individual interested in quality research under two broad domains but not restricted to: i) Sciences/Interdisciplinary Sciences, Technology and Medicine, ii) Social Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Law and Humanities.


It further states that there is no compulsion on the proposed researches to be confined to traditional domains of knowledge. Moreover, the program is expected to break the disciplinary silos, institutional barriers, and geographic boundaries.


The government of India is expanding its research activities under the IoE scheme. Thus, the  Institute of Eminence has invited applications/ research proposals from desirous individuals to be considered for research support and affiliation with IoE.


Applications for Research Proposals:


The application is open to any individual aspiring to deliver inputs to the research output of the IoE.

The Institution of Eminence has moreover proposed that the teachers from Colleges and Departments of Delhi University to actively take part in this research scheme.

Likewise, the applicants working in any institution in India or Abroad or have till recently been associated/affiliated/working with/in any institution/university in India or overseas can apply online on the IoE website under the relevant area of research, providing details of the research proposals.


NRIs/OCIs/PIOs/Foreign Nationals are also invited to submit their application. Additionally, applicants from the SAARC region and Afro-Asians nations are welcome to present their research proposals.


Furthermore, applicants from outside the University of Delhi are under an obligation to include a mentor/collaborator/co-investigator from any of the University or department in his/her research proposal.


Evaluation of Research Proposals:

A screening committee shall evaluate the applicant’s credentials and research proposal, which may later on for the approval of the competent authority, recommend the same to the Academic Advisory Councils and Governing Bodies of the relevant Schools.


Application Details for Research Proposals:

Online submission of the proposal has been determined by the IoE. The “Performa for Research Proposal” has to be submitted on the official website of the IoE:


The official website of IoE has begun accepting the research proposals. Further,  An early submission of the proposal is expected for an early response from IoE.


The maximum four years of duration will be awarded for the projects of Science/Interdisciplinary & Applied Sciences/Medical Sciences Domains.


The maximum of three years of duration will be awarded to the projects of Mathematical Science/Arts/Social Sciences/Applied Social Sciences/Humanities/Commerce/Management/Education/Law.


Manpower, contingency, consumable, travel miscellaneous under Recurring Grant, and major-minor equipment which may include desktops under Capital Grant are the budgetary heads under which funding is to be sought.

Major Expectations:

The research proposal may be a fresh project with a promising outcome or research work completing in high-quality papers/patents/prototypes, etc. The research proposals should clearly specify the specific outcome to be achieved in a specific time period.


The research work can be formulated around equipment/machinery/software that is already available in the labs of the University/Colleges or workplace of the applicant. Moreover, IoE may also provide support to facilitate research.


Budget and its adequate utilization:


The researchers can apply for the purchase of the material required for conducting the research.


The purchases made for the research purpose will remain the sole property of IoE. The researcher can additionally claim the hiring charges to pay the unskilled labor as per the University rules


The applicants/researchers are advised not to propose any purchase of electronic items or furniture in their proposal.


After due evaluation, the researcher holds the freedom to present his/her research at national or international conferences. Requisite support will be provided for travel for the purpose of research work.


Travel to hometown for any fieldwork will not be facilitated.


The procedure laid down by IoE will be considered to evaluate the progress of the research work.


The notification further states that within 30 days of the completion of the project,  the final report should be submitted to the IoE Secretariat. The research work must be submitted to the IoE administration at a regular interval.

The researchers must acknowledge the support received from IoE in all publications resulting from the research.

General Service Conditions:

As per the notification, a person affiliated with IoE for the research work shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of IoE and shall not be entitled to any extra reward other than those mentioned in the proposal.


Furthermore, a person associated with the research work for IoE shall be governed by the existing conduct and discipline rules and regulations of the University of Delhi.



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