Students are fearing that any other postponement in the entrance exams of NEET, JEE Main exam will affect their academic year. Concerns are being raised over the delay by students and are finding it a challenge to stay focused in the long run.

The entrance date of JEE main exam has been postponed till September, it was earlier decided to be held in April. The date of NEET exams has also been postponed to September 13. Many experts have also informed that a higher delay and more practice will make it possible for students to get a better rank now.

There are some students who had appeared for the JEE Main exams in January. They have now started preparing for the Advanced now that they believe there will not be enough time later after Mains.

To express their anger, students have taken to Twitter. The students are demanding no further postponement of the competitive entrance exams from the authorities. Students who are from disadvantaged backgrounds or areas believe that online preparation will prove to be difficult for them to catch up as there is a paucity of proper resources.

The colleges are making several changes in the admission process to ensure that students resume their college life on time. Students will be selected based on counseling after exams and before admissions.

The result of JEE Advanced might be declared by the IITs within a week. The NTA has said that it will declare results at the earliest for JEE Main and NEET too. Students have to appear for counseling on clearing JEE Advanced. This year, the IITs are likely to hold six counseling rounds instead of the usual seven.

The NITs and IITs have decided to scrap the board exam criteria for admissions. Along with clearing the entrance exam, earlier, 75% marks were a must. Now, the students only have to pass their exams and there would not be any minimum cut-off like earlier times. This move was taken as many boards were unable to conduct all the exams and the students were passed on special schemes. But this is only a one-time move.

COVID-19 scholarships have been offered to students by several colleges. Colleges are opting for deferred payments, loans for education without interest to be returned when the student is placed among other options. This is being done to ensure that a huge financial burden is not felt by guardians or students.

Treating a University as a bubbling ecosystem and providing students with safe and sanitized transport are among other offerings to ensure safety measures like holding classes in two groups. The Director of IIT-Delhi, earlier, has also commented on the Joint Entrance Exams (JEE). V Ramagopal Rao had explained in a video interview explained that despite the delay, the conduct of these exams is important because a large section of students start the preparation of competitive exams from class 9 or 10. The uncertainty poses a major problem for them.

The institute organizing the JEE Advanced 2020 is IIT-Delhi. They mentioned that even though certain unique challenges were there in the holding of exams this year. Still, the institute is prepared for it.

The Director explained that these exams are held in various centers and managed by various companies. Due to the COVID pandemic, the number of centers can be increased to twice as needed normally to ensure social distancing while sitting and entering the exam center. This became a new challenge for this year.

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There are about 2-2.5 lakh students, every year, who are in the top ranks of JEE Main. They are eligible to appear for JEE Advanced. Rao had earlier said that about 80 centers were needed across the country. They have now been increased to 180 centers. IIT-Delhi is conducting the JEE Advanced this year.


Rao believes that the provision of conducting the JEE Advanced in a single session is the real challenge. This year, masks and sanitizers will be allowed during the Advanced session.

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