A plea demanding home exams for CLAT 2020 was dismissed by the High Court. This year 78,000 candidates have applied for the test and the possibility of everyone having laptops, proper internet connection is not satisfactory.

The Delhi High Court justifies the decision by saying that manipulation by the candidates and coaching centers is likely. The plea demanded that due to COVID 19 instead of conducting the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2020 from exam centers, students can take it from the safety of their homes. But this plea was dismissed by the Delhi High Court. The pandemic has created new and unfortunate scenarios.

The scheduled date of the CLAT 2020 examination was 22 August 2020 but is now postponed to 28 September.


Jayant Nath, Justice of Delhi High Court made it clear that the demand of the petitioner is not based on firm grounds. The reason is misplaced and unsatisfactory. He added that on this ground exams cannot be postponed or mode of conduct changed.

Mentioning the petitioner, V Govinda Ramanan, the judge said that he completed his LLB in 2016 and after 4 years in 2020 he applies for post-graduation. He sees no merit in the petition. Thus, clears his decision of dismissal.

It is to be mentioned that the petitioner is a law graduate and suffered from asthma. He is at high risk and as per the guidelines of the government, is not advised to go out. The petitioner wants to pursue LLM but the current situation forbids him to give the entrance exam.

This judgment was visible on the website as early as Wednesday. However, it was passed on 10th September 2020.

The consortium of National Law Universities (NLU) in its recent notification makes it compulsory for the students to give the exam by physically going there. The petition was made to discard these directions.


The consortium conducts this National level entrance examination for admission in bachelor’s and master’s courses in law in 22 NL U’s in the country. It organizes a centralized exam for the same.

The recent update says that the centers will be equipped with computers and all the facilities so that students can access the exam with ease. The examination centers are notified to the candidates.

The CLAT 2020 exams being held at physical centers are confronted by the Public Interest Litigation before the Supreme Court announced the decision to reject it.

On this, the High Court said that it is bind to comply with the aforesaid order of the Supreme Court. The court added that the plea to allow home-based exams is not logical as there are chances of alteration by the aspirants and the coaching institutes. Plus, conducting fair examinations for 78,000 candidates from varied backgrounds, that too from the safety of their homes is far to be realized.

Further in the defense high court mentioned the technological impairment. It’s not feasible to predict that everyone has proper internet connection and computers or laptops to operate on. Considering all these reasons the high court dismissed the plea.



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